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The School Lunch Bundle will help you plan, prepare, and pack health lunches your kids will love!

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The School Lunch Bundle is everything you need for lunch at school or home!

Plan, prepare, and teach kids how to make their lunch whether they eat at school or home during lunch. This bundle includes:

  • A colorful Lunch Planner will help you and your kids keep track of food and recipes they love. No more wasted food!
  • How to Pack a Lunch printables teach kids how to prepare a nutritionally balanced lunch and give them control over what they eat and when.
  • Encouraging notes from mom are the best! Sneak Lunchtime Notes into a lunch bag or at home lunchtime.
  • Moms eat lunch, too! Keep track of water intake, meal plan, and more with a Food and Fitness Tracker just for mom!

I'm Camille!

I am a mom to 2 kids. Over the last 10 years my kids have attended public school, charter school, and now, homeschool. The one thing all these school options have in common is lunchtime is a challenge to navigate.

Packing lunches kids would eat at school and not just throw away their food was hard. Organizing lunches when trying to get out of the house caused so. many. tears. - mostly from me!

Homeschool would be easier, right? No! Making time for lunch is hard. Remembering to sit down and eat lunch myself is impossible.

I wanted a way to teach my kids how to plan, prepare, and pack their lunches. I put together this School Lunch Bundle for all families, no matter your school situation. I hope it makes your life easier in one small way.

Feeding kids is hard!

It's time to make it easier. Teaching your kids how to meal plan and prepare their own lunches saves you time and sets your kids up for success.

  • Kids will eat what they prepare instead of throwing food away because they got to choose what they wanted to eat.
  • Take the stress out of mornings by planning lunches ahead of time!
  • Keep track of favorite recipes to make grocery shopping easier.
  • Start the new school year with a fresh routine for both mom and kids!
  • No matter if you and your kids eat lunch at school, work, or at home, this bundle will help planning and prepping lunches easier and more enjoyable.

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