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Best Tips To Save Money On After School Sports

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Back to school expenses include more than just books and clothing. These tips to save money on after school sports costs are sure to come in handy as your kids begin to come home wanting to join the various team sports their schools offer. While many school programs as well as local group independent programs raise funds to help pay for costs, there will be times when that just isn’t enough to cover the costs incurred. These tips will help you save money this school sports season.

Best Tips to Save Money on Sports

1. Use hand me down gear.
There are many items that aren’t safe to use as hand me downs. Breakdown of parts and pieces can deem them unsafe. However, uniforms, balls and other practice gear can all be great for practices at lower rates when given to you from older children, students or parents of kids who played on the team in years before.

2. Shop discount websites.
There are many online stores that offer much lower prices than you would find in a local sporting goods store. Don’t forget to check out places like eBay for great deals from wholesale vendors as well. Often buying from wholesale vendors on these sites will help save you significant amounts of money.

3. Ask parents of other team members to go in on group purchases with you.
Things like uniforms, balls and other equipment can often be purchased in bulk at a better rate. When possible join with other team members parents to save on after school sports costs. A bulk purchase can save everyone money in the long run.

After School Sports

4. Shop around before joining a team.
Many times the sports teams that are associated with groups outside the school are much less costly to participate in. Other times, the school is a better deal. Ask other parents to find out where they sign their kids up. The Boys & Girls club has football, softball and more in cost areas at a much lower out of pocket cost to parents. Upward is another organization that offers scholarships as well as lower rates to enter and participate. NYS, the YMCA, and city or county programs are all worth checking in to before committing.

5. Limit your kids to one team per semester.
One of the hardest parts is the fact that many kids want to join multiple teams each year. To save on costs, as well as make sure they aren’t taking on too much, set a rule that your kids can only choose one after school sports team or activity to join each semester. This will help them to keep their focus on their education and the one team for better success.

Knowing how to save on afters school sports costs will help you to give your kids the opportunities they want, while not breaking the bank. It can be expensive to give all of your kids the things they want without spending thousands of dollars each year. As a parent, you want them to experience things like learning team work, enjoying physical fitness and even getting the chance to earn scholarships for their college education. By saving money on the costs now, you’ll be able to continue letting them participate for years to come.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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