Just a warning that this post is about feminine “issues” and while I try to be as delicate as possible, well… it is what it is!

When my daughter was around six months old, I decided to try out cloth diapers.  I was tired of spending so much money on disposable diapers! I did my research and settled on a brand that worked well for us. The diapers I used lasted through four kids (two before mine and then my two) and are now on their fifth bottom! Reusable cloth diapers were definitely the way to go for my family.

I've been out of the cloth loop for a while, but in a blogger group I belong to we had a discussion one day about reusable feminine cloths, or mama cloths as they are sometimes called.  I'd heard of these cloths, but I just wasn't sure they were something I wanted to try.   The ladies in the group, though, loved their mama cloths and raved about them!  The idea of not having to buy disposable products every single month was very intriguing.  I'd also heard unconfirmed rumors about additives being put in to feminine products to make the experience longer and harder.  I had just enough doubt to make me pursue the idea of using a reusable feminine product. I decided to contact a few companies that my fellow bloggers recommended to ask to review their products.

One of the companies that responded was Lunapads.  Lunapads exclusively makes reusable feminine products and they have an enormous variety! They make everything from thong pantyliners to postpartum pads.  If you have any questions whatsoever about using reusable feminine products, Lunapads website is full of useful information!

Lunapads sent me a sampler pack to try out.   The pads are made of super soft fleece and I appreciate that they are pink in color.  It makes washing a bit easier.  The pads have a base with ric-rac on either end so you can add inserts.  You can add more inserts for more protection.  I just love how pretty and feminine these are!  The base includes a layer of nylon inside to help prevent leakage.

I was afraid that wearing a cloth feminine product would be like wearing a diaper, but it was no different than wearing their disposable counterparts.  In fact, there was less movement and I felt like I had better coverage.  I was also concerned about taking these out and about with me.  There was nothing to fear, though, as the pads button down in to a small square that is smaller than the disposables I had on me.

The back of the base of the pad

I like the Lunapads for lighter days.  I had some issue with the inserts staying put under the ric-rac, but that wasn't a big deal on a light day.   I was a bit hesitant, however, to use them for heavier flow.  The extra layer that I needed for heavier flows was a bit bulky and loose for my liking.  But I absolutely loved these as pantyliners!  They are light and comfy to wear.

Overall, I really love Lunapads! But I'm sure I'm forgetting something in trying to be delicate.  So if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email and I'll be happy to help!



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