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Pool Noodle Crafts: Sail Boat

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If you are looking for cool and unusual ways to put those old pool noodles to use, try these fun pool noodle crafts – sail boats!  You can make a pool noodle sail boat like the one you see here, perfect for floating in the kiddie pool, bathtub, or even a bowl of water. Children will enjoy crafting them in just minutes, and when you are done you can even get in a quick lesson on sinking and floating.

Pool Noodle Crafts Boats

In the summer I am all about the pool noodles.  I love picking up a bunch of pool noodles at the dollar store and making pool noodle crafts and activities with them.  We’ve made pool noodle party garland and pool noodle napkin rings – perfect for a pool party! We also love this cute pool noodle craft for kids – an adorable caterpillar.  And now we’re making a super quick and easy pool noodle sail boat.   One pool noodle will make an entire fleet of boats.  Set up a small backyard pool and let the kids race their boats.  Or take them to the “big” water pool or beach for even more fun.  Summer boat races are a great way to keep the kids cool and entertained.

Pool Noodle Crafts: A Sailboat Regatta

Supplies needed:

Chances are you can find everything you need on this list at your local dollar store.


Easy Pool Noodle Crafts

1. Begin by cutting the pool noodle into segments that are one inch thick. Your steak knife is perfect for this task and just like any cutting task, this step should be done by an adult.

Crafts with Pool Noodles

2. Next, create the sail for your sailboat. Use your scissors to cut a small sized triangle out of scrapbook paper.

Pool Noodle Craft boats

3. Glue the triangle to a toothpick. You want to place it towards the top of the toothpick and hold it to the pick until dry.

Sail Boat Pool Noodle

4. Press the toothpick into the pool noodle segment. There really is no right or wrong place to poke it, just as long as it is in the top of the foam. Your pool noodle sailboat is now ready to set sail! Place it in water and watch it float. You can even gently blow on it to send it into the direction you choose.


If you’d like a little more grown up pool noodle crafts ideas – check out my pool noodle wreaths! This Patriotic Pool Noodle Wreath is perfect for summer!

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Pool Noodle Caterpillar

Pool Noodle Garland

Pool Noodle Napkin Rings

This article may contain affiliate links.

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