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The Newest Fashion Mini-Doll: Pinypon

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My daughter Ella is constantly badgering me to host a party — any kind will do! That girl is quite the hostess!  A few weeks ago I made Ella’s day when we hosted a Pinypon Mommy Party.  I had never heard of Pinypon, but mini-doll figures are a major play time toy around here so we went for it.


We got our toys a week or so before our party so we broke them open to test them out.  They Pinypon dolls were a big hit with both Ella and her 4 year old brother! Oh yes, there are even boy Pinypons.  They both loved the van and all the details that are put in to it.  There are about a million tiny pieces, but they all store away nicely in nooks and crannies right in the van.


On the day of our party each attendee received their own Pinypon doll.  We also had a van, several other Pinypon dolls and a baby doll to raffle off.  Thankfully we had enough extras so that each girl won a raffle prize.



After playing with the dolls, we made cupcakes for a treat.  They might have gotten a little happy with the sprinkles!




What the girls liked the most about their Pinypon dolls is that everything on them is interchangeable.  You can mix and match everything from their clothes and accessories to their faces and hair.  Two or more dolls provide a wealth of possibilities. I heard from all of the moms that their daughters (and one son!) continued to play with the Pinypon toys after the party.  That’s a good toy in my book.


Can I just brag a minute about Ella? One of the little girls really wanted to win the van in the raffle, but didn’t.  So Ella gave her friend the van we had been given to keep. I was just so proud of her and it makes me think that maybe I’m not ruining her after all!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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