Ribbon Christmas Card
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Personalized photo Christmas cards are always fun to receive in the mail.  But often, they just get tossed in the trash on January 1st.  This year I'm personalizing my photo Christmas cards even more by adding a recipe to the back of each card.

Yes, I know that it's not even the end of October and I'm talking about how to personalize Christmas cards!  But Christmas cards are one thing that you can get done now and have ready to go way before December when you are staying up late making knitted flower headbands.  You will have more time to make homemade marshmallows for some hot cocoa and handprint Christmas trees to give to the grandparents. So just make the Christmas Cards now and be done with it.

I remember when having a photo on your Christmas card was so cool, but now everyone does it!  Last year I decided to be different and , on a total whim, I decided to send out recipe cards instead of Christmas cards.  And it was a huge hit!  If you don't cook or don't have a great recipe to share, then be creative and share something you are good at on your Christmas cards.  Add a favorite craft tutorial.  One year my sister, Karin Beery,  made a Mad Lib for her Christmas card. People are still talking about it! My other sister is a CrossFit coach and she put a WOD on her Christmas card last year (you'll understand that if you are a CrossFitter!).  Do something that is unique and truly you!

This year I decided to make an actual Christmas card and then add a recipe to the back.   I went to my favorite photo gift website, Shutterfly, and started sorting through the gazillion Christmas card options.   I was looking for a card that was somewhat food related, but came up short. So then I looked for a crafty looking Christmas card and found a few possibilities.

Origami Christmas Card

This is a cute origami Christmas card that would be really fun with an origami instruction on the back!

Ribbon Christmas Card

I also liked this ribbon Christmas card.  A Christmas ornament tutorial would be fun on the back of this card!

I ended up picking out a crayon themed card because I have little kids and I like a card with a lot of color.  You will see how I put some family photos on the front of the Christmas card  and then inserted a popular recipe from the blog on the back.  I should probably go back and put my blog name and URL on there, too!

Recipe Christmas Card

Front of the card has the usual family photos.

Recipe Christmas Card

And a fun surprise on the back of the card!

This is not the actual card I ended up ordering — I had to keep something a surprise! But it is an example of how you can make your Christmas card stand out and last the entire year by adding a favorite family recipe or craft tutorial to the back of the card.

Another benefit of ordering your Christmas cards early is that you can usually get some pretty good deals! Shutterfly has several special offers on Christmas cards right now, too.   So — what are you going to put on the back of your Christmas card?

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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