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How to Organize Your Home with Trash Bags

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Remember HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY from your childhood? Our partner and sponsor Hefty® is bringing back their classic witty humor while introducing a new Ultra Strong™ trash bag that’s built for busy families.  Check out how I use Hefty® trash bags to get our home organized.

Organize Home with Trash Bags

I use the summer months to clean and organize our home. With kids and my husband home for all summer long, it’s the perfect opportunity to sort and get rid of things we no longer use.

So far this summer I’ve organized our bedroom, both kids bedrooms, a kitchen hutch, and a buffet I use for craft storage.

Hefty Ultra Strong

When I organize or sort, I always grab two trash bags for the room or project – one bag is for trash and the other is to fill with donations. It’s nothing fancy but it works great.  Once a bag is filled, it either goes in to the car or the trash bin.

My kids know that when the trash bags come out, it’s time to organize! I also give away little prizes to whichever kid has the most trash bags for donations. It works like a gem.

I cringe to think of how many trash bags we’ve used this summer! But our house is feeling more organized and I feel lighter having gotten rid of so much.

Ultra Strong with Arm & Hammer

Trash bags are one of those things that you never really think about until they don’t work.  And because we prefer our trash bags to work really well, we are a little picky about the kind we use.  So I might be a little excited about  Hefty®’s new Ultra Strong™ waste bags.

Nothing tests my patience more than a garbage that rips. Seriously.  I need trash bags that are… HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY.

Hefty strong trash bags

Hefty® Ultra Strong™  trash bags have active tear resistant technology for better puncture-resistance. No more plastic kids toys ripping apart the trash bag full of donations. Hefty® Ultra Strong™  trash bags also have a break resistant grip drawstring. No more pulling the bag out of the bin only for it to rip.

They definitely are not wimpy wimpy wimpy!

Scented trash bags

I’m really loving the new trend of garbage bags that help eliminate odor.  Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags have an ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer and come in lots of fun scents!

And the boxes come with a Scratch & Sniff panel so you can try out the scents before you buy. Try Tropical Paradise™ for summer and Crisp Orchard Apple™ this fall.

My kids are also pretty excited about the new Ultra Strong™ bags because of  their favorite wrestler,  John Cena.

Check it out:


My kids love John Cena and they thought the new ad was hilarious. They spent the rest of the afternoon walking around chanting HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!

Hefty® is bringing back their classic witty humor to share the lower price on their new trash bags in a memorable way. It was fun to hear them loving a slogan I remember from being a kid and I definitely got a good chuckle!

Ready to get your home organized for fall? Grab a $1 Rebate for Hefty® and start sorting!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.



This article may contain affiliate links.

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