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5 Reasons to Grocery Shop at an Online Supermarket

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Wondering why you would ever want to shop at an online supermarket? Check out these reasons you need to be signing up with our sponsor Peapod!

Online Supermarket Shop

There are at least four grocery stores within three miles of my house so grocery shopping should be easy.  But it’s not for a number of reasons.  Lately my friends have been talking about online supermarkets, like Peapod, that will either deliver your groceries right to you door or that allow you to shop online and just pick up your order at the store.

But why shop at an online supermarket? Well, here are the reasons I’d do it:

No Parking Lot:  I live in a large urban area and parking lots are disaster areas.  I avoid grocery stores simply because the parking is so awful. I kid you not that I often can’t even find a spot at my closest grocery store. For me, not dealing with crowds, traffic and finding a parking spot is the top reason to use an online grocery service.

Save Money by Sticking to The List: I almost always have a list when I grocery shop and I almost always end up with twice as many items in my cart then on my list.  An online supermarket like PeaPod makes it easier to stick to your list and not go over your budget.

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Mom Gets Sick: It is inevitable that mom will get sick on the day when dad is out of town for work and the only things in the house to eat are a cake mix and wilted celery.  Or you run out of tissues. That happens to me every time! Even if you don’t think you’d ever use an online supermarket, go set up an account! Just in case.

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Shop More Often: Over the past few years, I’ve started grocery shopping 2-3 days a week instead just once or twice a month.  My thought is that the food I get will be fresher.  But as I mentioned, I loathe going to the grocery store so being able to throw in an order to an online grocery store would make a second load of groceries much easier to get.

Avoid Grocery Shopping with the Kids:  There’s not much worse than having to head to the grocery store at 4 pm with kids in tow.  Grocery shopping alone is like a mini-vacation in comparison.  Avoid that chaos and just meet the delivery guy at the door. Or order your groceries online and drive up to have them put in your car.

Read to try out an online supermarket? Check out Peapod! Peapod is an online grocery store that offers both delivery and pick up services at your local Giant.  Make sure to check the Peapod website for coupons, sales, and even special offers for new customers.


This article may contain affiliate links.

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