A few sheets of colorful felt, glue and buttons are all you need to make this no sew felt pinwheel perfect for spring decorating.
These quick  no-sew pinwheels are wonderful tucked into a jar or stuck in plants to add color to your world! Make coordinating pinwheels for baby showers and birthday parties. You'll get tons of compliments on this easy, cute and affordable craft!
A few sheets of colorful felt, glue and buttons are all you need to make this no sew felt pinwheel perfect for spring decorating.
Spring is especially windy in Vegas as cold and warm fronts come through the desert. We take advantage of the breezes by flying kites, but we have to go to a park to do that. So I often pick up pinwheels from the dollar store for the kids to play with in the wind. It's funny how at 6 and 8 they still love them! But they really don't last very long and get torn up by the wind pretty quickly.
how to make a felt pinwheel
I love these no sew felt pinwheels to use as decorations for spring.  They are adorable in a potted plant or flower beds.  They'd also be cute decorations for a Mother's Day Tea or brunch.
Pinwheel Template
Just print out this pinwheel pattern and you can choose from two sizes to mix and match the no sew pinwheels.
Felt Pinwheel



  • Pattern sheet printed and cut out. (Images shown are of the small 4″ pinwheels).
  • Wood Skewers (mine are 10″ long and I picked them up at the dollar store)
  • Hot Glue
  • Felt in several colors
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Buttons


  1. Layer two sheets of felt, together, lining up corners. Using the pattern, cut the two pieces of felt into a square. Trim slits (as shown on the pattern) into the two pieces.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, place a dollop of glue in the center of the square. Bend the top left corner of the pinwheel square to the center and hold until glue sticks. You may have to put a smidge of glue under the second piece that lays directly on the first piece you just glued. Hold for a few seconds until set.
  3. Repeat to complete the pinwheel. Glue every other corner of the triangles to create the shape. Set aside for glue to harden completely.
  4. Once dry, place about a 1″ of glue in the center of the pinwheel on the back and attach the skewer. Cover the skewer with more hot glue and set aside until set.
  5. On the front side, affix color coordinating buttons or mix it up with different buttons using hot glue. Set aside until glue is hardened and display as you wish!
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26 comments on “No Sew Felt Pinwheels

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