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4 New Halloween Traditions to Try with Your Family

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Make new memories with your family by trying one or two new Halloween traditions.

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As a kid, Halloween was not one of my favorite holidays. You see, I grew up in northern Michigan. We always had to make sure that our costumes could fit over a bulky winter jacket. Halloween was usually dark, wet and cold.

As a parent, I am raising my kids in Las Vegas and thanks to a mild climate, Halloween has become one of my favorite times of the year. I love seeing so many people outside with their kids trick or treating. The weather is usually cool but not cold so it’s a nice evening to spend outside as a family. 

The normal tradition for Halloween is an evening out trick or treating. But Halloween can really be so much more than that. Check out these ideas for creating memories with your family by establish Halloween traditions.

5 New Halloween Traditions to Try with Your Family

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Start Celebrating Early with Halloween Games: Kids are super duper excited about Halloween pretty much all day long. It can be hard to channel that energy until the evening. After school is out for the day, print out some Halloween games for them to play. If you are feeling particularly brave, invite over some friends to join in on the fun. 

Host a “Haunted” Yard or Garage: This idea is super fun for tweens or teens who may not want to go trick or treating, but still want to participate in Halloween.  It can be fun and easy to  put together a “spooky” backyard or garage for trick or treaters. Some fun decorations, flashing lights, cardboard boxes and spooky music will do the trick. 

Host a Chili or Nacho Bar for Parents: Don’t forget to “treat” the parents who are stopping by trick or treating. This is an idea passed along to use by some friends. Make a batch of chili (we love making Instant Pot Chili), and hand it out in small cups to parents. Have some toppings like cheese, onions, and chips ready to go, too. Your house will become a neighborhood legend for this one. 

Decorate Your House for Halloween Like It’s Christmas: This was my husband’s idea. I fought it like crazy but eventually gave in. We own almost as many boxes of outside Halloween decorations as we do Christmas decorations. Our kids absolutely love it! We mostly decorate outside and it’s a daddy/kid bonding time every year. I’ll admit that I hate taking down those inflatable pumpkins on November 1st. Maybe some year we will replace it with a big inflatable turkey!


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Have fun this Halloween!

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