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Cut the Cord with Netgear Push2TV

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Ready to cut the cord on cable or satellite TV but not sure how? Check out the Netgear Push2TV wireless display adapter and watch what’s on your mobile device right on your TV. Netgear provided me with a Push2TV to facilitate this review.

When we moved in to our home 6 years ago we opted not to move cable TV with us.  Our apartment community had “included” cable in our rent but when we looked into the cost of cable TV, we decided we would learn to live without it.  Six years later and I still don’t miss having live TV at our finger tips.

Over the years we’ve tried several different streaming devices to watch TV and nothing is perfect.  Each streaming device offers different channel options and it can get very frustrating to realize that the box you have doesn’t support the channels you want.  We have more streaming devices than I want so when Netgear offered to send me the Push2TV to try out, I was hoping it would end being the one device we need.

Wireless Display Adapter

The Netgear Push2TV is a wireless display adapter, which means that you can wirelessly display your laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen on your TV.  The Push2TV does require Miracast certified devices like Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire HDX, Windows 8.1 and other devices. So far pretty much everything we own works with the device.  It does not, however, work with Apple devices.

The Push2TV is super simple to set up.  You just connect to your TV with the included HDMI cable and it’s ready to go.  There are instructions on the Push2TV that explain how to connect whatever device you want.

Netgear Push2TV

I was surprised at how small the Push2Tv is.  Like I said, we have several streaming devices and the Push2TV is the smallest one we have.  I put it next to my son’s handheld game system so you can see just how tiny it is.  It’s easy to tuck away so no one can even see it.

Since we’ve connected the Push2TV, it’s been the only device we use to watch TV. We just sign in to the app or website we want to watch and stream it to the TV. We’re no longer limited to the apps or channels that are supported by our streaming devices.  We have even watched  a movie from a laptop displayed on our TV.

If you are looking to cut the cord from cable, Netgear’s Push2TV is definitely worth a look!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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