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TV on Your Time with NBC TVEverywhere

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Business meetings, family functions, community events, football games. This fall it was one thing after the next – I feel like I’m as on-the-go as Red and Liz in this season’s The Blacklist! With all this running around, I’m missing some of my favorite shows. But thanks to NBC TVE I can catch up anytime – right on my computer!


NBC TVEverywhere lets me watch The Blacklist whenever I want without having to worry about programming a recorder. That’s perfect for those weeks when I don’t know where we’ll be on Thursday night. It’s also great for those days when everyone wants to talk to me – with NBC TVE I can pause my shows so I don’t miss a second (and rewind when I want to re-watch my favorite scenes).

With Christmas, New Year’s, and a ton of birthdays on the calendar, this winter is looking to be as busy as the fall. I’m not worried about missing my shows though. No matter what I’m doing Thursday night, I know I can pour a hot cup of coffee, grab my laptop, and curl up on the couch with The Blacklist anytime.

What exactly is Red planning to do with Kerikar? Can Ressler really protect Liz (and is Agent Navabi gone for good)? And what about Tom and Liz – if she makes it through the trial and stays out of prison can they really make their relationship work?

The best part of NBC TVE? I don’t have to rely on my memory to make sure I remember what happened this fall. I can binge watch all of this season’s episodes before The Blacklist returns so I don’t miss a beat!

Try it for yourself – click here and watch now!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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