A few years ago I started slowly weeding out “conventional” products from our bathrooms out of concern for parabens and a lot of other chemicals I'm just not sure about.  For the most part, the transition to all natural, organic or even homemade products has been pretty easy.  We found brands or recipes we liked and have been happy with.  The one lone stand out, however,  has been deodorant/antiperspirant.  I have tried so many different brands that I've lost count and nothing has worked for me.

I have a few  issues with natural deodorants. First, they only deodorize, they do not keep you from perspiring.  It is the antiperspirant ingredients that are harmful so when you take those out, you sweat.  This has been a huge adjustment in our 100 degree plus temperatures all summer long. We sweat a lot and I hate having sweaty armpits.  The second issue has been with fragrances.  Wow.  I can't begin to describe how overpowering so many fragrances in natural deodorants are. It's almost as if they are trying to hide the sweaty armpits with a fruity smell.  Finally, the cost of natural deodorants can be really outrageous. It was hard to pay twice to three times more for something I wasn't liking.  I finally gave up and just stuck to conventional deodorant because I couldn't find a good alternative.

So I was happy to discover MoistStic lip balm.  My kids love the MoistStic lip balm!  I like mint in my lip balm so I know that it is working, but my kids hate that it hurts a little.  But this lip balm does the job without the tingle even though it has mint and they love that.

The best part about Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, though, is the price and availability.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal  is available at most Wal-Mart stores for around $3!  Most of the other natural or organic brands I've tried have been double that price — and some retail for closer to $10.

Overall, I'm really pleased to have discovered a reasonably priced, all natural deodorant alternative that I don't have to run to the health food store to purchase.

How about you? Have you thought about cleaning up your beauty routine?



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