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Must Have Items for Surviving Cold & Flu Season with Kids

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Be prepared for cold and flu season this year by planning ahead and stocking up on these must have items to keep your family comfortable.

Don't let cold and flu season catch you unprepared! Stock up on these handy items - and services - to make life easier when the crud hits.

It’s just about upon us – the dreaded cold and flu season. I know it’s coming and yet every single year when the crud hits, I’m totally unprepared. It always happens on a busy night when my husband is working late and I don’t have something I need to help make my poor sick kid more comfortable. This year I’m determined to make sure I’m prepared!

Vaporizer – vaporizers are so great for helping kids with stuff noses or coughs sleep. I like to keep two available for use in two bedrooms at the same time because you know it’s never just ONE kid who gets sick.


Buckets – I know, gross, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been woken up to someone yelling “I NEED A BUCKET!” I like buckets because they are hard to miss, if you get my drift. I make sure they are scrubbed clean and ready to go and I keep one upstairs and two downstairs.



Thermometer – I swear our thermometers grow legs and walk away. I can never find one when I need one. A couple of years ago I invested in a nice forehead thermometer and I love this thing! My son has a tendency to get very high fevers and this thermometer is quick and easy to use.



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Grocery Service – It never fails that a kid gets sick the day before I go get groceries.  After sleepless nights, the last thing I want to do is venture out to a grocery store.  Set up a grocery delivery service, like PeaPod, when everyone is well so it’s ready to go with staples when the crud hits.

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Essential Oils – Essential oils are great for supporting healthy immune functions, neutralizing the air from environmental impurities, and supporting the bodies natural response to injury or irritation.

flu season

Dr. Cocoa for Children – I’m always frustrated at 11 PM at night when I’m searching the medicine cabinet for something to ease coughing or sniffles to find we have nothing. I just want something to help soothe a cough or sniffle so they can sleep and mama’s not prepared. Check out Dr. Cocoa for Children – the first ever chocolate flavored cough and cold medicine for children.  Dr. Cocoa actually has 10% real cocoa in it for a real chocolate flavor. We actually have been using Dr. Cocoa for the past few days because my son came down with his first cold of the year and it’s been so nice not to fight over taking medicine.


Tissues with Lotion – We go through boxes and boxes of tissues during cold and flu season. I stock up on them when the go on sale because there is nothing worse than a kid with a runny nose and not one box of tissues in the house. I prefer the ones with the lotion in them for sore noses.


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This article may contain affiliate links.

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