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Easy Minestrone Soup with Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Dippers

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Easy minestrone soup, from our sponsor Bear Creek Country Kitchens®, makes a filling and delicious lunch or dinner especially when paired with our mozzarella grilled cheese dippers!

Our winter has been particularly wet and cold this year. We definitely need the rain and the snow so I’m not really complaining about that, but I’m freezing! And cold weather makes me want to eat soup all day long to stay warm.

Keeping a few Bear Creek Soup mixes in your pantry is a great way to have an easy lunch, dinner or even a meal for a crowd ready to go at any time. They are also very easy for kids to make. My 10-year-old has recently taken a keen interest in learning to cook and I’m going to encourage that for as long as I can.

One of the great things about Bear Creek Soup mixes is how easy it is to personalize them for your family by adding different toppings, vegetables, or side dishes. I usually serve soup with a salad and some type of fun bread for a side. Since Minestrone is an Italian inspired soup, I like to serve it with mozzarella grilled cheese dippers. The kids love to dip anything and my husband loves Italian so it’s a meal everyone will eat.

This is a super quick and easy meal! Start by making the Bear Creek soup according to the package directions. The minestrone needed 15 minutes to cook once the mix was whisked into the boiling water.

While the soup simmers, whip up the mozzarella grilled cheese. Heat up a griddle. Butter two pieces of sourdough bread and sprinkle a little basil and oregano on the butter. Top the unbuttered side of one piece of bread with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Sprinkle with more basil and oregano.

Grill the mozzarella grilled cheese until the bread on both sides of the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese is melted. Remove the sandwich from the griddle onto a cutting board.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the soup!

Use a pizza cutter to cut the grilled cheese into thick “dippers” about 1’ inch each. Allow the dippers to cool while you serve the soup.

The minestrone soup with the mozzarella cheese dippers is the perfect combination! And dinner was ready in less than 30 minutes.



This article may contain affiliate links.

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