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7 Steps to an Easier Morning Routine for School

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A morning routine for school will help make the transition back to school easier. Check out seven ideas for making school mornings a breeze.

back to school routine

Are you dreading the thought of early mornings again? Are you cringing at the idea of looking for lost shoes and grabbing backpacks just before the school bus whizzes by? Then you need a solid morning routine for school to get you through. You don’t need to put a great deal of work into a back to school morning routine, you just need to put some organizational practices into place. Take a look below at 7 steps to an easier morning routine for school so the start of the day can go off without a hitch, or tears for that matter.

1. Start prepping one week before.
Start preparing your child for those early mornings one week before. Try waking them just 30 minutes before they are use to. Then one hour earlier than they are use to and so on, so by the end of the week you are at their normal wake up time. This also means getting to bed earlier starting one week before so they can start to build the routine.

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2. Make a simple checklist.
Make a simple checklist of 5-7 items you can prepare the night before. This way you aren’t running around like crazy in the morning looking for backpacks, shoes, and other supplies. Post your checklist in an obvious spot such as near the front door so it is easy to find, read, and check off each night.

3. Label children’s clothing.
Put labels on children’s drawers and clothing bins so their items are easily accessible, even by them. This way you can easily grab what you need OR they can easily dress themselves in the morning. Putting clean clothes in these bins the night before will also make it easier to find what you need each morning.  My kids wear uniforms to school and even with that minimal choice we have to set out outfits the night before.

crustless quiche

4. Have some quick breakfasts on hand.
Have some easy and healthy breakfasts on hand that can be eaten on the run. Yogurt and granola, some ham and cheese in a tortilla, or cups of fresh fruit are all excellent choices.  I make mini crustless quiche, freeze and then just reheat for quick breakfasts. Make the choices ahead of time so in the morning all kids need to do is grab and go.

5. Let some light in.
Natural light helps wake us up easily and more comfortably. Start each morning by opening the curtains and blinds and letting some light in. You can also opt for light bulbs that offer natural lighting for months when the sun doesn’t rise as quickly.


6. Give time warnings.
Don’t push children out the door. Instead, give them a 15 minute warning prior to leaving. You can then follow up with a ten and five minute warning as the time to leave draws near. Helping them anticipate the next step can leave them feeling in control and on top of their game.

7. Use plenty of praise.
Praise children and notice their efforts. Mornings are tough for everyone, so showing them you appreciate the effort they are putting into their mornings can make them more apt to be cooperative in the future. Now THAT is something you surely want.

Give these steps a try and you will find yourself on the way to more enjoyable mornings.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Scarlet
    July 29, 2015

    The transition back to school can be so daunting! These ideas are great-I love prepping for the routine ahead of time!

    • Camille
      August 1, 2015

      We start in just over 2 weeks and I am not looking forward to it. But alas, it must be done so might as well make it easier.