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4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Buy A Minivan at Carmax

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Hey Moms, you need a minivan! Check out these 4 reasons why every mom needs a minivan in her life including a third row, a large trunk and of course, lots of cup holders.


This post is sponsored by Carmax. All opinions and a genuine love of minivans is my own.

The first few months we were married, my husband and I owned three cars for the two of us. A long distance move cross country forced us to choose just one and we ended up with a minivan.

A minivan for two people felt quite extravagant. So when that minivan finally died, I was quick to buy a small compact car even though we had two kids who were growing fast.

It didn’t take me long to realize that with two growing kids, we needed a larger car. And I wanted a minivan. Stop hesitating and read on as to why every mom needs a minivan!

5 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Buy A Minivan

Buying a car is one of the most stressful purchases you will make as an adult. All those numbers and so much pressure from a sales person can make you want to just keep the old car. If the thought of buying a car makes you nauseous, then you need to head to your nearest CarMax.

We headed to CarMax recently to check out the latest minivan models – and see if it’s really a different way to buy a car. The good news is that we got the scoop on both minivans and car buy at CarMax.

When you pull in to CarMax and head inside, you will be greeted (not sabotaged) by smiling CarMax associates.  They will immediately make you feel at ease and explain how their car buying experience is different.

If you want to trade in your car, or just sell it, CarMax will start by providing a free appraisal of your car. Even if you end up not buying a car from them, they’ll buy your car from you.

While you wait for the appraisal to come back, head out to the car lot to check out the minivans. Look for these features to convince you why you need one.

Third Row Seating

Minivans have spacious third row seating to help keep kids apart.

Probably the best reason to buy a minivan is the space. More space means less nitpicking and fighting between children. Less fighting means a more peaceful drive for you.

moms minivan with 3 seat middle row

At Carmax you can check out a lot of different minivan brands. This one had a small third seat available in the second row of seats for even more seating options.

Amazing Trunk Space

Minivans have huge trunks perfect for warehouse grocery shopping trips.

One of the biggest advantages of a minivan is the trunk. Look at that trunk! With most other 3 row cars, the 3rd row means you lose significant trunk space. But not with a minivan. Every minivan we saw at CarMax had a nice deep trunk.

As a bonus, that third row easily folds down to provide lots of space for watching movies at the drive in.

So Many Cup Holders

Minivans have more cup holders than they do seats so everyone can have a drink.

Let’s face it – a family car without enough cup holders is a complete waste of money. Take for example the electric Kia Soul. That is one amazing car that saves a ton of money on gas. But it had no cup holders in the back seat! That is not a mom car.


Now compare to the minivan. This minivan we saw at CarMax had no less than 8 cup holders in the back seats. That middle seat brilliantly fold down to reveal cup holders.

Long Lasting Value

Minivans may cost more than a smaller car, but the long term value and peace of mind is priceless.

Minivans are not the least expensive car on the lot, but they last a long time.  Our last minivan finally died at 14 years old with over 200,000 miles on it. Your money will go even further buying one at CarMax.

CarMax offers a no haggle pricing. The price you see on the sticker is the price of the car. CarMax also does a great job of helping you understand any financing. They will walk you through the process step by step.

Buy Your Minivan at CarMax

Ready to check out a minivan? Head over to the CarMax website to read up on the 7 Best Ranked Minivans for 2018 and check out their nationwide inventory of minivans online that may be transferred to the store nearest you

While you’re there, make sure to check out the minivans available on the CarMax website. They will happily transfer any car within a 250 mile radius to your closest CarMax so you can get the perfect minivan for your family.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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