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4 Essentials to Help “Mom Taxi” Survive the School Year

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Do you spend a lot of time in your car being the “Mom Taxi?” Check out these things that will make your mom life easier on the go!

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This summer my oldest daughter turned 13. I spent the day a little sad thinking about the fact that our days parenting little kids is over. We turned that corner a year or so ago, but it just seems more real with an official “teen” in the house now.

I used to spend my days at home playing with toys, waiting for nap time, and feeling overwhelmed with diapers and crying. Now, I spend my days, afternoons and evenings driving these much bigger kids to their activities.

I try very hard not to pack our schedule too full of activities. But the truth is, as our kids get older, they should be out doing things and getting involved. As homeschoolers, we also are out and about often as part of our school day.

The bottom line: I spend a lot of time in my minivan. Often, I’m in that car for hours and end up right back where I started (at home!). Over the last year, I’ve learned to keep a few items in my car to make the Mom Taxi more comfortable for those endless days spent driving kids around.

5 Essentials to Help “Mom Taxi” Survive the School Year

Bring a Book or Knitting Project (something to do): I cannot tell you how often I used to end up sitting and waiting in my car with nothing to do. There’s always the phone, but at some point, you reach the end of the internet and just need something to do. Keep a book or other small project in your car so you have something to do while waiting. If you do not like to read, crochet or knitting are fun to learn and great for working on in the car.

Stash Water Bottles or Drinks: Keep disposable water bottles everywhere in your car. Remember to replace them when you empty them.  I’ve also been known to stash bottles of coffee or other fun beverages as a treat. The key is to hide them from your kids or they’ll drink them.


Prepare for Bladder Leakage: If you’re worried about drinking a ton of water while stuck in a car for hours, Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear can help. Last spring, I was sitting in my car during my kids’ piano lessons and my allergies kicked in. I could not stop sneezing! Incontinence and allergy-induced sneezing are the worst combination. I finally realized I’d need a little help and Depend® saved the day through allergy season. No more worrying about leaks while in the car.

Pack Snacks: It is way too easy to just run through the drive through while you are waiting for your kids. To avoid the drive through, add some snacks you like to your next grocery trip and keep them (hidden) in your car. This is also a great time to eat snacks you don’t keep in the house because your kids steal them. Have some fun!

These are the 4 MUST HAVE items I keep in my Mom Taxi during the school year to keep myself sane while driving kids. Of course, there are many other things you can add! Have fun and try to enjoy these years as the chauffeur to the best people in the world – your kids.



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