mobile menu plan

Use your cell phone to menu plan and organize meals, shopping lists, and activities so you always know what's for dinner!

mobile menu plan

I have always believed in menu planning. It helps you save time, money and relieves a lot of the “what's for dinner” stress. I used to print out a menu plan each week and hand write my menu by hand and stick it up on the fridge every week. But now I keep all of my calendars, to do lists, and such on my phone. It was pretty inconvenient to have the menu tacked up on the fridge. It was definitely time to go high tech and do some virtual menu planning.


menu planning on moble

 My husband and I coordinate everything on our iPhone calendars. I don't even use a wall calendar anymore so using paper and pen to organize meals wasn't working. We started using the phone calendars because we figured out we could add numerous calendars and share them with each other. We can see the calendars on numerous devices plus our cloud so it works really well for us.


mobile calendar


I usually go in on Sunday and add in our dinners around 4:00 PM everyday. If my husband is making dinner, I make sure to note that, too. It helps him to know what to expect when he gets home from work.


Motts Snack and Go Strawberry


Another trick I use is to schedule other meals and snacks when they are important. For example, every Wednesday night my kids go to AWANA at church. Every week at the end of AWANA, they are starving, but I kept forgetting to pack a snack for them. So now I put it on our calendar and usually one of us remembers to pack a snack. Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce works great for in the car eating while on the way home from AWANA.



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10 comments on “How to Menu Plan Using Your Cell Phone

  1. Cool idea. I need to get better at meal planning. I always end up losing paper lists. Using my cell phone is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This would be such a time saver for me, I have never thought of meal planning from my cell phone, this is great.

  3. Great tip! I love using technology for practical purposes.

  4. I find meal planning very important! But I do it in my head only! I need to write it down though! My kids love Mott’s applesauce!

  5. This is fantastic because it’s hard to be a taxi-driver, maid, AND meal planner all at once! This is fast and completely doable!