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Meet the Gabel Cats!

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step and Meow Mix. All opinions are 100% mine.

This year we adopted our very first dog – ever. But we’ve had cats since we got married.  I didn’t grow up with any pets, but my husband had a lot of cats as a kid.   We seem to be a stray cat magnet.  In the past 10 years we’ve sheltered at least 6 different cats. I think they know we cant’ say no!

This is our oldest cat, Felix.  We got him just after we got married.  He’s a cranky old guy at 10 years old who wakes us up meowing old nights.  He’s also the cuddliest cat I’ve ever encountered and he sleeps curled up right next to my back every night.

BJ was a stray we took in about 6 years ago because our daughter fell in love with him.  He’s very affectionate and indifferent to most people and other animals.  This cat has at least 9 lives and plans to use every single one.

And finally Midgie is the newest member to our clan.  We aren’t quite sure on its gender, but the kids named her after my sister’s black and white cat.  Midgie has been with us for a few months after hanging around our backyard for a few weeks.  Midgie is the only outdoor cat and I’m pretty sure she has a few homes around the neighborhood who feed her. She’s pretty elusive so I didn’t capture a photo of her.

I love our kitties, but I really don’t love litter or litter boxes.  Our litter box is in the laundry room and I usually don’t smell it too much, but sometimes, someone really stinks it up and it leaks in to the house. So I’m pretty excited to try a new litter from Fresh Step® that will eliminate litter odor instantly!  It comes in a nice comes in 25lb size and is available only at Walmart.

Our cats generally eat hard food, but I do treat them to soft food weekly. BJ, in particular, loves his soft food! They particularly love seafood and the Meow Mix® Tender Favorites Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce is right up their alley.  I am definitely their favorite person when I put out Meow Mix®.

cat food

Fresh Step and Meow Mix have a new, top secret project coming up with Walmart that will fuse these brands like never before. I’m dying to see what it is!

So cat owners – tell me about your fancy feline in the comments!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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