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11 Secrets to a Rockin’ Lemonade Stand for Kids + Free Lemonade Stand Printables

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Lemonade stands for kids have been a symbol of summertime for generations.  Plenty of girls and boys have sat outside in the sticky summer heat to sling a few cups of cold sweetness to the neighbors.

And it’s that time of year again! Use our secrets to have the best, rockin’ lemonade stand for kids on the block!

Use this guide to plan a successful lemonade stand for kids this summer! Your pint sized business persons will be busy keeping the neighborhood hydrated with these secrets to a rockin' lemonade stand!

You know the basics – table, chairs, colorful sign, cups, ice, lemonade (of course!) but there are a few extra ingredients that can make your kids’ lemonade stand a huge success.

Here are some secrets from the pint-sized pros.

11 Secrets to a Rockin’ Lemonade Stand for Kids

Consider Fresh Lemonade
It’s extra work but if you can, consider serving fresh squeezed lemonade. This gives your child an opportunity to learn how to make it from scratch (Yay! Not everything has to come from a package!) Plus, your kid will love receiving compliments on his “secret” lemonade recipe.  I have a super easy homemade lemonade recipe and an entire collection of over 25 lemonade recipes kids can choose from to offer more than just regular lemonade. Use this inexpensive juicer to make the work a little easier.


Work Together on All Aspects of the Business
The whole point of a lemonade stand is to give budding entrepreneurs a taste of what it’s like to run a business. That means purchasing supplies, preparation, sales, break down and clean up.  You can “front” your kids the money for supplies, but have them pay you back with their earnings.

Grab this handy book on teaching kids about business.

Sell Other Options
Offering options like bottles of water means you’ll probably have something for everyone. At $1 each, for example, your kids will probably make a killing on the water sales alone! Consider selling fresh baked cookies or brownies, too.

Tips for a Lemonade Stand

Be Clean!
Seriously. No one wants to buy lemonade from kids with dirty hands, nails, clothes, etc. Make sure your kids scrub down and change clothes before presenting their goods to the public. You can even make cute kid size aprons just for the stand!

Be Ready for Spills
When you have kids pouring lemonade into cup, well, sticky spills are bound to happen. Make sure you have paper towels or, even better, wet wipes on hand.

Keep a Trash Can Handy
Most stands forget this little convenience for customers. Plus, it makes it so much easier when it’s time for clean up.

Consider Large and Small Sizes
Not everyone wants a great big cup o’ lemonade, but they’ll purchase a small one to support the stand. Give options.

Free Printable Lemonade Stand Sign

Promote the Stand!
Let family, friends and neighbors know your little entrepreneur is up and running. And don’t forget to utilize social media!  Take a picture of your cutie in front of her stand (if you are comfortable doing so) and post on Facebook so your friends know in real time that it’s time to stop over for refreshments.  Of course, you also need a sign! You can download our free lemonade stand sign – and fill in your own price.

Offer Drive Up Service
Depending on the safety of the location of your lemonade stand, consider a drive up option for folks who might not otherwise stop and get out of their car.

Make sure you feature “DRIVE UP SERVICE!” on your sign large enough for drivers to see!

Share Where the Proceeds Will Go
Let customers know how your kids are going to spend their hard-earned money.

Are they saving for a new video game? A trip to the water park? A new Barbie?

It’s fun for customers to see what the kids are saving up for and might generate more sales (and sometimes even donations). You also might suggest that your kids donate a portion of the proceeds to a philanthropic cause like the local animal shelter or food pantry.

Pay it Forward
Always, always stop at other kids’ lemonade stands so you put good will out into the world for when your own kids set up shop. Lemonade Stand Karma, you know?

Lemonade stands are fun summertime activities and create truly special childhood memories. And, who knows? Perhaps it will ignite your kids’ entrepreneurial spirit for life!
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This article may contain affiliate links.

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