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LEGO® JUNIORS: An Introduction to LEGO

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LEGO® JUNIORS are the perfect introduction to LEGO building for your 4-7 year old. No more frustration with little blocks and complicated instructions. LEGO® JUNIORS will help your child fall in love with LEGOs!


I have been patiently waiting for my son “get in to” LEGOs.  I’ve read research that playing with blocks and building are excellent for young children and I desperately wanted him to love LEGOs.  I waited for him to get old enough to graduate from large toddle blocks to real LEGOs.  According to most of the sets I saw, 5 years was the magical number.  He turned 5 last year and his aunt and uncle set him a few smaller sets of LEGOs for his birthday.  I was disappointed by his lack of interest in them.  The small blocks seemed to frustrate him and I was sure that we would just not be a LEGO family .  So I was pretty excited to discover LEGO® JUNIORS.

LEGO Juniors

LEGO® JUNIORS is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first experience with LEGO bricks through iconic, fun and easy to build models. LEGO JUNIORS sets contain quick start elements and numbered pre-packed bags that can be built without help from Mom or Dad – which makes any small builder extra proud.

LEGO Juniors Miles 1


I set my 5 year old son up, one bag at a time.  I showed him how to read the instructions and then let him get to work.   I helped him a little bit along the way but he was pretty much able to build the entire castle all by himself.

LEGO Juniors

Along with the guided instructions, LEGO® JUNIORS also come with a few bags of blocks just for imaginative building.  I love that the sets provide not only a fun set to build, but also allow the children to build whatever they want with the extra blocks.

LEGO Juniors

The finished castle! He made a few adaptations after we had completed the set, which was fine by me.  This has been a favorite toy since it arrived and he’s already asking for more sets.



LEGO Juniors

I was very happy to see that LEGO® JUNIORS also has a girls collection.  My daughter just turned 8 in July so I was curious how she would do with the set.  She sat down one night before bed and started to build.  She finished the next morning and was able to complete the entire set by herself.

LEGO Juniors

She has also spent many mornings playing alongside her brother with their LEGO® JUNIORS sets and has also asked for more sets. I’m so excited that my kids finally playing with LEGOs thanks to LEGO® JUNIORS.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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