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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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Tired of fighting with your kids to eat their veggies? Try one (or more) of these fun tips to have them begging for more veggies, please!

Let’s face it – kids don’t like vegetables.  I wasn’t a huge fan of veggies as a kid.  Once I learned how to cook, I thought that my vegetable aversion was mostly due to how my mom cooked the vegetables. Now that I have my own kids, and know how to cook a mean vegetable side dish, I think it may have more to do with a mature palate. I really have no idea! But the fact is that we all need to eat more vegetables and finding ways to get kids to at least try a vegetable is a step in the right direction.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Serve Vegetables They Will Eat: This may be a no brainer, but if your kids love carrots and hate broccoli, then make sure to serve carrots.  I do this when I want to introduce a new vegetable. My kids love Brussels sprouts. I know – it’s weird. So if I want them to try snap peas, I also serve Brussels sprouts.

grilled salad

Try Raw Vegetables: Who says the veggies have to be cooked? If your kids love carrots and celery sticks, then serve them up for dinner.  One of my kids loves salads so I make sure to serve a salad at least a few times a week just for him.

Tyson Chicken Nuggets #SpringtimeNuggets


Make It Fun: Sometimes my kids will eat a vegetable just because it looks fun! I may also stoop to a little bribery every once in a while and offer a fun dessert IF they eat their veggies first.

Ranch Broccoli


Try Something New: Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables has a new line of Flavor Full frozen veggies. They paired vegetables with fun flavors like wasabi and barbecue. Have a kid who eats ranch dressing on everything? Try the Ranch Broccoli!

Buffalo Cauliflower

One of my kids loves buffalo sauce so I had to try buffalo cauliflower!  I mean, anything is better with buffalo sauce. Make sure to grab a $1.00 off coupon to try one of the Birds Eye Flavor Fulls!

tropical smoothie

Sneak Veggies In: I’m not a big fan of sneaking veggies in to food, but sometimes it works well. No one my house loves kale, but when I make a smoothie and add some in, everyone loves it.

These are just a few ways I try to get my kids to eat their veggies! What ideas do you have?

This article may contain affiliate links.

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1 Comment
  • Rachel
    June 23, 2017

    Don’t let kids eat the buffalo cauliflower. My stomach burned for days and I went to the ER. Teriyaki broccoli is my favorite and it’s fun to say.