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5 Reasons to Book A Kids Quest Birthday Party

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My daughter turned 8 last month.  In the past 8 years we’ve pretty much done every kind of party there is and finding a new, fun place to hold a birthday party can be challenging.  I was thrilled to discover that we could have a birthday party at Kids Quest! My kids love Kids Quest so my daughter was excited to have her party there.  We all had a great time and after our experience, I’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should book a Kids Quest birthday party.

Kids Quest Birthday Party

1. Easy booking online:  It doesn’t get easier than this.  You can book your Kids Quest birthday party any time of day from your computer.

Kids Quest Birthday Party

2. All inclusive price: You cannot beat the all inclusive party price for a Kids Quest birthday party. The price includes 30 minutes in the party room; 90 minutes of play time; cake (or cupcakes); paper plates, napkins and utensils; drinks; a toy for each guest; a toy for the birthday kid; and a coupon for each guest for a discount on a return visit.  It was so nice to walk out of the door with nothing in our hands for the party.

Kids Quest Birthday Party

3. The Birthday Chair:  Every single kid loves a birthday chair!  This one was awesome and all the kids took a turn getting their photos taken in it.  Trust me – this is a big deal for this crowd!

Kids Quest Birthday Party

4. Parents are Free to Go or Stay:  Pretty much if you’ve ever seen your kids at Kids Quest you know it’s a moot point to stick around while they are playing. They just don’t care if you are there.  So after our 30 minutes for cake and presents, we skipped out.  Our kids were safe and happy and we got to go have a cup of coffee and chat with our friends.  An hour and a half later, we picked everyone up.  We told all of our guests to feel free to just drop their kids off and go! Hey, you just gave your friends a free 2 hours!

Ella candle 2

5.  Photos Included: I was surprised when the hostess of our party snapped photos the entire time.  How many times have you missed the party because you were behind the camera? Shortly after our party, Kids Quest emailed us the photos taken at the party.  It was fun to see the kids playing while we had been enjoying our coffee!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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