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5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Kids Bedrooms

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Is it time to upgrade your home or spruce up the kids bedrooms? These easy ideas will help refresh kids rooms so they feel like new! Or, check out our partner, Inspirada, to find your new upgraded home in Henderson, Nevada!

Is it time to upgrade your home or spruce up the kids bedrooms? These easy ideas will help refresh kids rooms so they feel like new!

We purchased our first home in 2009 when my kids were only 2 years old and 6 months old. The first thing I did after we moved in was decorate their bedrooms. There’s nothing like the clean slate of a new home to inspire you to be creative and create a fun space that matches the personality of your kids.

As the kids of gotten older, we’ve made some changes to their bedrooms to reflect their likes and tastes now as kids rather than babies.  But I’ve found that the building blocks of a fun kids room remain the same.

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5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Kids Bedrooms

Kids Painted Room

Paint: Go for lots of fun colors in your kids rooms! I know the tendency is to go neutral in our homes, but this is the place to have some fun.  Think about painting an accent wall, too.  Each  of our kids has a primary color and then one accent wall with a different color in their rooms.


Organization: Kids rooms can get very cluttered with toys, clothes, and everything else kids own. So make sure to plan for bins, shelves, and other items to organize. I love these fun lockers!


Castle bed

Fun Furniture: You’re only a kid once so embrace it! Get the castle bed or the loft bed with a slide. Your kids will never have a chance to sleep in that kind of bed again.


Kids Desk

Create Different Spaces: Once my kids hit school age, we bought each of them a desk for their bedroom. Not only is it a place to do homework, but it’s also a place to build blocks, color, do art, and just play.



Now that my daughter is heading in to the tween years, she asked for an area in her room to sit and read. Bean bags, poufs, or rugs can help carve out a small area for reading or hanging out with friends.

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Maybe it’s time to upgrade your home, and the kids bedrooms, for more space? Our kids are getting older and what used to be a home that was perfect for us is starting to feel small.

Inspirada is a flourishing master-planned community in Henderson, Nevada that has homes available with space for growing families.  Inspirada is truly built for family life!

Stay cool in the hot Nevada summers with heated pools, kids play and water areas. Keep the whole family active outside with Inspirada’s soccer/multi-use and Little League fields, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, and of course, two dog parks.  Grab a bike or your hiking boots and check out the 35 miles of trails and open spaces.

Learn more about Inspirada here!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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