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Get to School on the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter at Best Buy

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I grew up in a very rural area. Many of my classmates lived 10 or more miles away from school. Obviously, they rode the bus to and from school everyday. But my sisters and I lived in town so we were “walkers.” We walked to and from school (about a mile) almost every single day until we could drive.

Over the years we also tried out other forms of transportation to get to school. One of our favorites when the weather was nice was riding bikes. We would also sometimes roller skate to school.  In the winter (we lived in Michigan so those were long, cold walks to school!) we would try pulling each other in a sled. That was hard! I am pretty certain we would have loved riding a scooter school, especially a Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

The Jetson quest has no flat, solid tires are engineered to absorb shock, which is great when you are wearing a backpack full of books. The a concealed premium lithium-ion battery has an 18-mile range so it’ll definitely last many trips to school and home.

The Quest can reach an exhilarating top speed of 15 mph which makes getting around quick. And it is equipped with an ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight, improving visibility and safety for when you’re riding on roads and sidewalks.

The Quest is foldable so it’s easy to store when you reach your destination. The Jetson Quest is suitable for ages 13 and older. You can shop this and more electric scooters plus electric bikes and boards at Best Buy.

Ride Responsibly:
The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Protective gear can be found at



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