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5 Reasons to Get Invisalign® Treatment for Teens

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Check out the reasons we are using Invisalign treatment for teens.

My daughter, Ella, was about 7 or 8-years-old when her dentist offhandedly mentioned that Ella would need braces. My daughter’s teeth seemed perfectly fine and mostly straight to me. I kind of blew it off as crazy talk.

Five years later and we are at a new dentist. He breaks the news that while her teeth are mostly fine, her bite is not. In fact, she has a pretty bad overbite. He refers us to an orthodontist who confirms that she needs braces or another teeth straightening solution to correct the issue.

The orthodontist offered us two plans for treatment. First, we could go the conventional route of braces, or we could consider Invisalign treatment, as Ella was deemed a candidate. The cost difference between regular braces and Invisalign treatment was not huge and our insurance would cover either one! In fact, many dental insurance providers typically cover Invisalign treatment in the same way as other forms of orthodontic treatment!

After weighing the cost of treatment with a few other reasons, Invisalign treatment was the clear winner! Moreover, as a result of this partnership with the Invisalign® brand, Ella will be receiving her treatment complimentary!

5 Reasons to Get Invisalign Treatment for Teens


Invisalign Actually Works: Over 20 years of innovation and 6 million+ smiles have enabled Invisalign treatment to treat simple to complex orthodontic cases. Each set of Invisalign clear aligners shifts your son or daughter’s teeth slightly, moving them horizontally, vertically and even rotating them when needed. The aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time*.

*Data on file at Align Technology as of October 29, 2018

 No Restrictions on Food: That’s right! With Invisalign treatment, your teen can keep eating popcorn. They do need to remove the aligners when eating, and brush afterwards, but other than that they are free to eat normally.

Normal Dental Care: Brushing and flossing are easy with Invisalign treatment. There are no wires or brackets to work around. Your teen takes out the Invisalign aligners and then brushes and flosses as normal.

Most Advanced Aligner System: Only Invisalign treatment uses SmartTrack® material that straightens teeth with more predictability than other clear aligners.

Fewer Emergency Visits: Our schedule is crazy. Trying to fit in orthodontist appointments is not easy. While undergoing Invisalign treatment, your provider may give your enough aligners to last 6-8weeks in between each appointment.

At the initial consultation the orthodontist will determine if they are eligible for Invisalign treatment. The orthodontist will also take impressions or a digital scan of your teen’s teeth. The impressions or the scans are used to create the customized  clear aligners that your teen will wear for treatment.

Invisalign providers will also use the scan to show you how the aligners will correct your teen’s teeth and/or bite. You can see Ella’s significant overbite from her scan.

This is a simulation of how her teeth will look after her Invisalign treatment is finished. Everything is lined up and where it should be.

Once the aligners are ready, about 4 weeks after the initial consultation, you will go in to fit the first set of aligners and learn how to use them. You will receive multiple sets of Invisalign aligners needed for treatment at one appointment. Each aligner is made to move the teeth.

After that, you just check in for short visits every 6-8 weeks or as directed by your orthodontist to make sure things are going well and your progress is on track. This cadence is much more convenient for our schedules!

A Confident Teen: Middle and high school are hard enough on kids socially. The last thing they need is another reason to feel self-conscious. Ella is our second kid undergoing orthodontic treatment. One of the main reasons both daughters wanted orthodontic treatment was to feel better about their smiles. And that’s OK!

Invisalign clear aligners are so thin and fit so well to the teeth that they are barely noticeable unless you look closely. They are actually trimmed based on each patient’s gum line to provide optimal patient comfort and aesthetics. As I mentioned, only Invisalign treatment uses SmartTrack® material that straightens teeth with more predictability than other clear aligners**.

** Compared to off-the-shelf, single layer .030in material

I love that Ella can smile with confidence while having a major overbite corrected.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing our experience with Ella’s Invisalign treatment. If you are interested in Invisalign treatment for your teen, visit for more information or use the Doctor Locator feature to find a trained orthodontist near you. Follow along here and on our social media channels!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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