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Life with Invisalign®Treatment: The Summer Fun Edition

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Your teen’s life doesn’t have to stop just because they need orthodontic treatment. They can continue doing the things they love while transforming their smile with Invisalign® clear aligners. Check out some tips on preparing for summer camp with Invisalign aligners.

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We are just about 8 weeks into my daughter Ella’s orthodontia treatment using Invisalignclear aligners. We shared previously our experience visiting the orthodontist for the initial consultation. We chose to use Invisalign clear aligners because they have over 20 years of success and experience treating orthodontic cases like Ella.

About a month after our initial consultation, we headed back to the orthodontist to pick up the aligners and learn how to use them. Taking them in and out was easy after the dental assistant showed her how to do it.

Ella was at home for the first few weeks of using theInvisalign clear aligners. This gave her the opportunity to adjust to wearing the aligners. Invisalign aligners are made with SmartTrack® material for better fit and comfort, and they are custom-trimmed to your gumline.* It didn’t take long for her to get used to wearing the aligners.

(*compared to other aligners made from off-the-shelf single layer .030in material)

While she can eat anything she wants with Invisalign aligners (a major plus of using Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teen’s teeth), she does have to remove the aligners to eat. Figuring out how to keep up her teen snack schedule took some maneuvering, but she figured it out.

The cool thing about Invisalignclear aligners is that your teen can still have fun and be a normal teen while straightening their teeth. That means they can keep on going to the movies, playing sports, and even go off to summer camp. Every summer for the past few years, we’ve sent our kids to sleep away camp. It is the highlight of the summer.

This year Ella was a little nervous about going to camp with her Invisalign clear aligners.We had the opportunity to take a practice run of camping with Invisalign aligners as a family a few weeks before she left for summer camp alone. This helped Ella feel confident about heading off to summer camp.

We found that a small backpack is perfect for keeping a toothbrush, toothpaste, and the Invisalign aligners case on hand for meal and snack times. Your teen will come to love that case as it’s what keeps their aligners safe and clean when they are not in use.Ella uses the Invisalign bag that came with the aligners to keep everything together.

Using a permanent marker to write the date on the Invisalign aligners helps other adults make sure your teen is using the correct aligners. Ella’s Invisalign aligners are worn for one week and then changed for a new set. For some cases, providers might recommend changing aligners every two weeks. While sheknows what week she is on, her aunt or camp counselor will not. The dates help everyone know exactly what aligners are worn when.

Invisalign clear aligners will fit right in to your teen’s summer plans and their life. Curious if they are right for you? Learn more here and find a doctor close to you here.

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