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How to Save Money on Prescriptions for Your Family

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Check out these ideas for how to save money on prescriptions for your family with our partner, SearchRx!

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Like most families in America, our health insurance took a turn for the worse about two years ago. We are paying more money for less insurance. We also have far less transparency than before. I often have no idea how much a medical procedure or a prescription will cost before I get to the check out.  While this is definitely a time of uncertainty in our medical care, there are ways save money on prescriptions with or without insurance.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions for Your Family

Shop around: Not all pharmacies charge the same amount for the same medication.  But you don’t want to be driving or calling around to them all to find the cheapest price. Instead, check out SearchRx to find the least expensive price and get free coupons to save even more money.

SearchRx will tell you the price for prescriptions near you and offer coupons via print, text, or email to save money. SearchRx is free to use and doesn’t require any membership. Just head to the SearchRx website to search for your prescription.  I even check SearchRx when the prescription is covered by our insurance to make sure we pay the best price – and that price is not always by using our insurance.

Download SearchRx app to your phone to save on every prescription and refill.


Use generics and other brands: This one is pretty well known, but make sure to ask your doctor to make sure they are prescribing the generic. Ask your doctor for 2-3 different drugs that may do the same thing and compare prices. If something feels off, ask. I had a prescription a few years ago that was very expensive and seemed like a low dosage. I called back in to the office to ask and was provided with a cheaper option.

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Ask your doctor for samples: Doctors are given samples of medication by pharma representatives. This is particularly useful if you are trying a new medication or upping a dosage. There’s nothing worse than paying for a medication that doesn’t work!

Ask for coupons: Often doctors offices will also have coupons available for prescriptions especially the more expensive ones.  You can also call the manufacturer of the medication to ask if they have coupons. This is another way to keep costs down.

Hopefully these tips will help keep the cost of  filling your family’s prescriptions low!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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