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How to Replace a Toilet: DIY Master Bathroom Remodel

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I never thought I’d be writing a post on how to replace a toilet – but here I am! We had a toilet in our master bathroom that wobbled so when Delta in conjunction with a promotion through Mom Central Consulting offered to send us an elongated water saving toilet to install ourselves, we were up for the challenge!

Elongated Water Saving Toilet

Four years ago, almost to the day, my husband and I purchased our first home.  We bought a four year old town home that was on foreclosure.  The town home was in great shape, but it was decorated in builder basics – white walls painted with flat paint, light beige cheap carpet, ugly white linoleum, and all the standard sinks, faucets and toilets.  We have slowly been replacing the builder grade materials that are wearing out.  One thing in particular has driven me nuts since the day we moved in – the toilet in our master bathroom has always wobbled.  We tried everything to stabilize the wobbly toilet, but it finally just had to go!

Elongated Water Saving Toilet

I was super thrilled when Delta offered to send us a Delta Corrente Toilet to replace our wobbly toilet.  I was a little bit nervous about the idea of replacing a toilet ourselves, but Delta assured me that they included everything we’d need was right in the box. Delta even includes an EZ Out Toilet Removal Kit to help you get rid of the old toilet.  Plus, the Delta Corrente Toilet has a SmartFit system that includes external tank to bowl connections and an integrated water supply line, which reduces potential leaks.

Elongated Water Saving Toilet

Just so we’re all on the same page – my husband and I love to do DIY projects in our home, but we are as novice as it comes.  He’s a musician and I have a law degree.   We by no means have any special DIY skills and most of the time we are totally winging it!  We had absolutely no problems installing our new Delta toilet.  We also replaced the flooring in our bathroom at the same time as we replaced the toilet so it took us about 3-4 hours total, but if we had just been replacing the toilet, it would have taken us less than an hour.  If you get stuck, Delta has some helpful videos on how to install a toilet, not that we had to use any {ahem}.

Elongated Water Saving Toilet

Replacing the toilet was very easy – a little on the dirty, icky side, but nothing this mom couldn’t handle! We also found the reason behind our old wobble – the builder had left out one of two bolts that holds the toilet down! No wonder we wobbled so much!

The Delta Corrente Toilet is available exclusively at The Home Depot.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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