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How to Make Gourmet Hamburgers at Home

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Last summer, in an effort to use up an overabundance of ground beef, we had hamburgers every Saturday for dinner.  We spent the summer tweaking our recipes to figure out how to make gourmet burgers at home.  We tried a lot of different things to perfect our burgers but found two tricks that took our burgers over the top.

The number one secret to over the top burgers at home: butter and grill the buns.  You can use homemade buns or store bought buns, but buttering and then grilling the buns takes the hamburgers over the top!  I prefer to grill them on my griddle, but we’ve also cooked them right on the grill.  Either way — your burgers will take on a new dimension with this simple addition.

The second trick to over the top burgers is: be creative with your toppings.  The standard ketchup, mustard, pickles and so on are great, but start adding in avocado, bacon, grilled onions.  Cheese is also important on your burgers.  American and cheddar work, but what about pepper jack or even … Bacon Horseradish Cheddar? Oh yeah!

This past week we had the opportunity to try out some cheese and cheese spreads from Adirondack Cheese Company located in New York. As soon as I saw the brick of Bacon Horseradish Cheddar, I knew we were having cheeseburgers for dinner! If I had thought it through more, I would added bacon, grilled onions and maybe even avocado.  But I was winging it so it was just the Bacon Horseradish and Extra Sharp Cheddar cheeses with regular toppings and it was still over the top delicious.

My husband and I couldn’t believe how much flavor are in these cheeses! We’ve been eating the spreads on crackers, but they would work on burgers, too.    We love cheese and Adirondack Cheese is now one of our favorites.

Once you have the perfectly buttered and grilled bun and some creative toppings, you will have gourmet burgers right in your own kitchen.

Would you like a chance to try some of Adirondack Cheese’s cheese on your burgers (or, you know, for Father’s Day?).   Just click over to the Celebrating Dad! Giveaway and enter to win a custom basket of cheese, spreads, and crackers!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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