We are not a juice drinking family.  I maybe buy juice 2-3 times a year.  For us, juice is a treat akin to soda because it's hard to find juice that is actually good for you.  Sugary juice flavored water is just not on my top ten list at the grocery store.

Last week at the park my PowerRanger obsessed daughter ran in to a little boy with a Power Ranger juice box.  She was beyond excited to have found them! I immediately dismissed the juice boxes as another juice full of ingredients we avoid.  But because my daughter is insistent, I looked up the juice on-line. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that Power Rangers juice boxes are made by Genesis Today,  a natural products company!  Their website is full words I love like “super fruits”, “organic”, “sustainability”, and “fair trade”.  I kept clicking and found that Power Rangers juice boxes are sweetened with Stevia and cane sugar and do not contain any of the “usual suspects”, like high fructose corn syrup, found in the grocery store juice aisle.

I was dumbfounded.  Ok, they look great, but how do they taste? Genesis Today graciously offered me a sample of both the berry and blueberry flavors they offer.  My kids love them!  The blueberry is not a favorite my super picky eater, but she did love the berry flavor.  In fact, I had to limit them to one box per day or we'd have been wiped out in a few hours.  I will say that if your kids are used to drinking Capri Sun or other artificial juices, they will probably need time to adjust to the Power Rangers boxes.  But given the great ingredients, I think it's worth the switch.


The Berry Power Blast contains pear, apple, black cherry, raspberry, black berry and Goji berry juices.  The Blueberry Power Blast contains pear, grape, apple, blueberry, and acai berry juices.  Add to that a cool Power Ranger on the front and both mom and kiddo are happy!  The Gabels are definitely Genesis Today's newest fans.

Power Rangers juice boxes are available at most Walmarts and other select grocery stores.   But you won't find them in the juice aisle.  They are available in the refrigerated section next to the orange juice.  AND from today until the end of July, the Power Rangers juice boxes will be on special for $2.28 per 6 pack instead of $2.99!  Stock up now for those school lunches!

Come back August 1st to enter to win Power Rangers juice boxes as part of a fantastic Back to School Blast  giveaway hop!


And, mom (or dad), if you want a little treat for yourself, check out the Acai Berry juice!  My husband and I love it!

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16 comments on “How the Power Rangers Made Me a Fan of the Juice Box

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  2. Ahh, juice. My two year hadn’t had juice for the first 20 months of her life and now it seems like she can’t get enough of the stuff! I buy a fruit/veggie blend from Fresh and Easy, but you’re right, fruit is inherently all sugar!

    • I have one that could care less about juice and is happy with water, but the little man in the photo is a juice and soda fanatic! That kid loves anything sweet.

  3. Very good to know! I’m not a regular juice box fan either but once in a blue moon it’s nice to know I can get some that aren’t packed full of sugars.

  4. Good to know. I’ll have to try them out. My teenager likes things natural and is picky but likes little juice boxes for lunch.

  5. This is great to know! I don’t buy a ton of juice boxes for that reason. Where can you find them?

  6. Kelley on said:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Thanks for the information! Juice is definitely a treat in my house 🙂

  8. Kim Kirschner on said:

    Miles is just ADORABLE!

  9. This is good to know! Thank you so much! My kids love juice, but we don’t do much of it b/c it’s expensive for organic. This will be a nice treat for the summer! Stoppin by from Green Moms Network

  10. Our doctor actually told us to just ditch the fruit juices. Even if it’s 100% fruit juice it’s still just too much sugar and empty calories. So juice is a treat around here too. It’s funny because when I was a child we always had to have a glass of juice with breakfast. That was one of our fruit servings. Isn’t it funny how now it’s said that juice contributes to obesity? I think I’d still make these an occasional treat even with the natural ingredients. Sometimes the kids just want a drink box like all of the other kids at school so sounds like this is a good alternative.

    • I actually walked out of a new pediatricians office when he started lecturing me on juice without even bothering to ask if or how much my kids drink! He just assumed we were like everyone else. Fruit juice is, by nature, mostly sugar but I figure it’s better than soda! 🙂 I’m planning to serve these at our daughter’s 6th birthday party (that will have a Power Rangers theme), too.

  11. We are not juice fans either in our home. I do only buy for special occasions. The next time I do, I will consider this product. Thank you for making me aware of the product.