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Homeschooling Resources

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Check out our family’s favorite homeschooling resources and ideas!

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Our family started homeschooling about 2 years ago. I’ve listed some more of my favorite homeschool sources and ideas below. I hope you find some useful!

It took me 2 years to find the right way to teach my kids at home and most of it doesn’t come from a textbook. So be gentle and remember your relationship with your kids is way more important than school will ever be!

Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool: You will probably need to do a grade higher for your public school kids, but this is a complete curriculum and it’s all online and FREE from K-12. You can dig through by grade or subject

Homeschooling with Netflix Facebook Group: There are so many resources on Netflix and Amazon Prime and other streaming services.  Read a book (or listen, see below); find a documentary or movie and watch. Super fun! Pick a topic and watch a movie. 

Gameschooling: This is my FAVORITE way to learn. I have found the blog My Little Poppies to be an incredible gameschooling resource.  Some of our faves right now are the games: Even Steven’s Odd; Zeus on the Loose (math plus look up some info on Greek gods to make it go further); Touring Car Race Card Game (this one is super old but so fun!). 

Bicycle cards: Bicycle cards website has a gazillion card games you’ve never heard of and all you need is a deck of cards! 

Audiobooks: You can us Hoopla and Libby apps through your library to get free audiobooks. Listen for about 30 minutes at a time; twice a day and a 3 hour book will be done in less than a week. They do have limits to how many books you can “borrow” a month and other limitations so just be aware of that when borrowing.

Example of using audiobooks and Netflix/Prime: Listen to Call of the Wild audiobook. It’s about 3 hour so it’ll take about a week if you do 30 minutes a day.  Watch Klondike: Quest for Gold on Amazon Prime about the Yukon Goldrush, which is the setting for Call of the Wild. Watch the movies Togo (on Disney+) and Balto (on Amazon Prime with a Starz subscription). These both talk about sled dogs and are related to each other. Catch the new Call of The Wild movie released earlier in 2020. For added fun, grab some Klondike ice cream bars for a treat. You won’t READ a word, but will learn a ton!

MadLibs: Order them from Amazon or look them up online. Super fun way to read and practice a little grammar without anyone knowing. 

Raddish Kids Cooking Kits: These are so fun! Make sure to check online for their Bonus Bites which include homeschool lessons, Spotify playlist, and more.  These will take a solid 2 days to get through. You can use my referral code to get $10 off – CKCV4H

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