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5 Everyday Services That Make Home Moving Easier

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Seven years ago today, we were in the process of buying our first home.  We were living in a 900 square foot 2 bedroom apartment with two small kids and all their stuff. We were overflowing and needed more space. Our closing date kept getting pushed back… and back… and back! We just wanted to move!

We finally did – two months later.

Moving can be such a hassle. In fact, we are now outgrowing our current home as our kids are now 7 years older. They have less stuff but more friends who want to come hang out.  I dread moving so much that I keep putting off even thinking about a bigger home.

Everyone knows to book a mover when moving, but there are actually a lot of services that can help make the move a little quicker and easier.

The Top 5 Home Moving Services that Making Moving Easier

Spring Clean

Cleaning Service: Book a cleaning service for the old and new residences especially if you are renting the old place. Our new home needed a thorough cleaning before we moved in, too.


Painters: When we moved in to our new home, everything in it was builder grade. Every wall was white. We painted the walls ourselves, but didn’t finish before the move.

Next time, I’d hire a painting service to make sure the entire house got done before we moved in.  We painted our bedroom TWICE after moving in. It was not fun!

CORT Living Room

Furniture Rental: We have a lot of friends in the military and I know that often they arrive at their new home long before their furniture does. CORT Furniture Rental offers furniture on demand. It’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t.

CORT Furniture Rental would also be handy when moving in to a larger home with more rooms to furnish. Just rent furniture until you have time to go furniture shopping. I know I like to live in a house a bit before I commit to furniture.

Moving Day

Child Care: Moving day, and the weeks leading up to it, are super stressful.  Our kids were pretty little when we moved 7 years ago and our friends pitched in by watching the kids while we packed and moved.  That’s my daughter the day we moved in before the sitter arrived to whisk them away. Not much for her to play with!

Grocery List Handwriting

Grocery Delivery: The last thing I wanted to do in the first week of moving in to our new home was cook. Forget grocery shopping! But I also didn’t want to eat out every meal.  Set up a grocery delivery service to drop off the basics like milk and cereal so at least you have something around to eat and snack on while the kitchen gets unpacked.

Hopefully this list will help make your next move easier and less stressful!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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