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4 Reasons You Must Try A Home Food Delivery Service

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Thinking about trying a home food delivery service? We’ve partnered with Blue Apron to give you 5 reasons why you need to try their home food delivery service out today.

I have been fascinated with home food delivery services recently.  The idea that someone will plan my menu and then ship me the ingredients along with recipes is like a dream come true!

Don’t get me wrong. I love to cook! But the daily grind takes its toll and sometimes mama needs a break from the planning and the shopping.

I recently tried Blue Apron’s dinners during a super busy week.  I seriously love their service. In fact, I’ve come up with 4 Reasons why YOU need to try their meals now!

4 Reasons You Must Try A Home Food Delivery Service

Meal Delivery Service Food

It’s Easy: Someone else does all the planning and the shopping!  There is nothing better than knowing you have three nights of meals with all the ingredients ready to go right in your fridge. And you didn’t even have to go to the grocery store.

The meals include meat/protein, vegetables and a bag of “Knick Knacks”. The Knick Knacks include all the little bits and pieces the recipes need like condiments and spices. Each Knick Knack Sack is labeled for the recipe it goes with making it easy to get everything needed out and prepped.

Printable recipes are available from Blue Apron's website!

Get Out of Your Rut: Let’s face it. Our meals are mostly made up of foods we know and are familiar with. Blue Apron’s meals will get you out of that!

We had 3 meals delivered in our box  – Grains of Paradise Steak with Mashed Plantains, Collard Greens and Ginger Peanuts; Crispy Cod and Yuzu-Shoyu Soba with Cabbage and Togarashi; and Seared Chicken with Sauted Purple Potatoes, Kale and Apples.

I don’t normally cook with plantains, collard greens, grains of paradise or soba noodles.  It was really fun to try so many different foods in unique combinations. There wasn’t one meal we didn’t love.

Chicken with Purple Potatoes

Learn A New Cooking Technique: Ok, so you’re a major foodie and cooking with togarashi is an everyday thing so the list of fancy ingredients does impress you. I love cod but I rarely cook it because every time I’ve attempted to cook it, it turns out horrible.

The Crispy Cod recipe, however, resulted in perfectly cooked fish. It was so simple and amazing! I’d just been skipping a few easy steps to get truly delicious cod.  Now I know how to cook cod thanks to Blue Apron.

Blue Apron Recipes

Use the Recipes Again: One of the things I love about Blue Apron is that you can print the recipe right from the website. I lost the recipes that were sent with the food. I was able to head right to the website to print out the one I lost.

If you love the recipe, save it for later in a Blue Apron Recipe Binder for when you’re inspired to go grocery shopping to make the delicious meal again!

Blue Apron makes dinner time less stressful by offering delicious food and recipes delivered right to your door.  The service would also be a great gift for a new home, a move, a new baby or any other time that planning a meal and grocery shopping is the last thing on your mind.

Get 2 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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