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We've now been using Fresh Step and Meow Mix a few weeks.  So I thought I'd check back in one final time to let you know how they've been working.  I think we have happier cats now!

Ok, I really don't know if they are happier.  I mean, they are cats and they are fickle.  But I can tell you that the kitties flock to the kitchen every time I open the pantry, which is where the Meow Mix® wet food is kept.  It's a little amazing how they go from nowhere to right under my feet.  BJ, pictured above, in particular seems to get excited over the wet food.  He's the chubby one. Go figure.

The Meow Mix® Dry Food seems to be a hit as well.  They generally yell at me when their food bowl is empty and I noticed a more insistent meowing lately.  I also feel like they are cleaning out their food bowl quicker since my daughter seems to be complaining more about having to fill it, which is her job.

They haven't said much at all about the litter box improvements, but the humans sure have! We have both happier cats and owners.  I've noticed less stinkiness, which is always a good thing with three cats and one litter box (don't worry – it's huge!).

Don't forget that you can head to Walmart to get both the Fresh Step® and Meow Mix® for a happier cat in your home, too.  And to help you out, I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Walmart! Just enter below!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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87 comments on “Happier Cats with Fresh Step and Meow Mix

  1. Sarah L on said:

    Wake me up, eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep.
    Thanks for the contest.

  2. Bryan E. on said:

    Thanks for the giveaway…our cat sleeps during the day & patrols the house / backyard at night !

  3. Thomas Murphy on said:

    My cats day is sleeping, eating, and playing.

  4. Nellie C on said:

    I have 3 cats so a day in our life is filled with mischieviousness and lizards. They love bringing lizards in and dropping them on my feet. In the spur of the moment you can have a cat running across your lap and leaping onto the next piece of furniture. Love my babies.

  5. Mary Cloud on said:

    Mouse hunting and prowling until daylight then laying around the front porch sleeping all day except during lunchtime
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  6. Sand on said:

    He sleeps 23 hours a day I’m sure with one full hour broken up in increments to eat or cause trouble!

  7. Candie L on said:

    I would say lots and lots of sleeping. Thank you

  8. Charlene Kuser on said:

    The life of my kitties consists of sleeping,eating,playing and sometimes they bring me gifts.

  9. maya hu on said:

    my cat is all about food, naps, and more food!
    and of course, drinking water out of MY glass instead of her bowl.

  10. virgil poore on said:

    a day in the life of my cat is awesome!! he wakes the wife up about day light to get fed wet food and then he runs around the the couch,down the hall and hit the walls and kick everything around then he naps for while and then he is up and goes outside onthe porch and chases birds and then eats more..he is so awesome

  11. Angela P. on said:

    What I wish mine was like… a lot of sleeping.. cuddling and getting petted.. and eating… repeated all day long.

  12. Abby C. on said:

    A day in the life of my kitty is sleeping, eating, pooping and every now and then she’ll find the time to hangout with me! She’s my lil buddy though, I’ve had her for going on 12 years. 🙂

  13. Mihaela Day on said:

    She is usually playing outside, chasing squirrels and climbing in trees

  14. christina moore on said:

    My cat Squeaky is very spoiled, he eats, sleeps. and anything else he wants to do. He rules the house.

  15. susan smoaks on said:

    eat, sleep, litterbox, rinse and repeat.

  16. Karen Deva on said:

    I don’t have a kitty.

  17. Melanie Comello on said:

    Snuggle up in bed until my human gets up, get fed, rest some more, harass the dogs, nap, eat, nap, harass the baby, nap, eat the dog food, nap, throw up, nap, steal parts of baby dinner, nap, run criss cross over the bed while my humans attempt to sleep…..repeat!

  18. Roxann on said:

    I don’t have a kitty.

  19. Gina P on said:

    lots of napping and harassing the dog

  20. Miranda Ward on said:

    Eat Sleep Play Poop~ lol

  21. Pat B on said:

    Wake the humans up at an ungodly hour and pester them to feed her. Insist on getting morning loving before the humans can even drink their coffee. Find a comfortable place to sleep for HOURS. Wake up and nibble on some dry food. Find the most heavily trafficked area in the house and lay right in the middle of it until someone starts cussing. Go eat some more. Harrass the other cat some. Sleep for some more HOURS. Insist on having dinner at 4 pm. Find someone to get more loving from. Lay back down in the middle of the floor. Get up and go to sleep under the desk. Wait until the humans go to bed and then jump up and shove them around until she gets comfortable. Time for Bed!

  22. Rebecca Lock on said:

    Lots of hunting and sleeping.

  23. My kitty isn’t a kitty anymore – she’s a senior cat. I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say she sleeps 16 hours a day. Then perhaps spends another 4 hours a day on someone’s lap – usually my husband’s. She loves to cuddle. That leaves 4 hours for getting into trouble ; )

  24. Donna Pyszk on said:

    She is really nice , doesn’t cause trouble. The only annoying thing is when she’s by my feet and I don’t know she is there and trip over her.

  25. Leslie L Stanziani on said:

    It depends on which kitty (each of my 4 kids has a cat ).My calico mix would just be lying around until everyone went to sleep and then would be tearing through the house.She loves to climb up high.

  26. Jammie on said:

    We don’t have a kitty, but my husband has been talking about getting one. Our dogs though they sleep most the time and chase their tails!

  27. Nicole Millheim on said:

    Lots of cuddles and so much playing. I can watch him for hours so curious and so sweet

  28. Stephanie Galbraith on said:

    Kitty does what she wants, when she wants. She will be ordered around by no one.

  29. Laurie Emerson on said:

    We have 3 cats and one is just a kitten. They like to sleep, play with their toys and yarn balls, sit in the bay window sunning themselves and watching the birds.

  30. alyce poalillo on said:

    Pretty much sleepp, eat, poop and then run around like a maniac and then sleep some more.

  31. Brittney House on said:

    My kitty lays around a watches tv and everything else that we do around the house.. hah

  32. Elizabeth Ray on said:

    eating, sleeping, lying on newspaper/book/tablet while in use by a human

  33. Peggy Rydzewski on said:

    I have a new rescue and we are still getting to know each other but her days seem filled with sunny herself and eating..

  34. Tammie Venne on said:

    sleeping and eating, he is pretty fat and lazy

  35. Connie Tucker on said:

    eat, sleep, play …I want to be a cat =)

  36. Karen Drake on said:

    A day in the life of my kitty is playing, sleeping and eating, sleeping more than anything.

  37. Ellie W on said:

    Wake up, eat, nap, wake up, prowl around, nap, wake up, eat. Nice life if you can get it.

  38. Mendy Dinsmore on said:

    Lots of back scratches, long naps and running silly at times.

  39. Debra Hall on said:

    they wake me up to eat breakfast and they go back to bed till dinner and we start all over again

  40. Francine Anchondo on said:

    She sleeps a lot and eats.

  41. Daniel M on said:

    he’s getting older now, so he whines and sleeps a lot

  42. Jessica Ruggiero on said:

    My cat Chloe wakes up and plays in the morning then she goes to sleep for most of the day in front of a window!

  43. Jill Myrick on said:

    My three kitties Moses, Scooter and Abbey wake up on their blankees when we do, eat a little dry food, play, go outside and lay in the sun, come in for treats at eleven and then go back out in the sun to play and sleep. At night they eat dinner at seven and then relax inside till bedtime when they get back onto their blankees on our bed to go to sleep for the night.


  44. joni on said:

    Eat, sleep, play, sleep, roll around. sleep, lay on the window sill, and sleep some more.

  45. Ceinwyn R on said:

    A day in the life of my kitty consists of begging for food and knocking over every object in the house.

  46. Diane Baum on said:

    A day in the life of my 2 rescue cat babies- with angel rose it is about getting cat treats and sleeping on the white chair. Toby Trouble spends his day, trying to get out of the house, looking outside the florida room windows and chasing the dogs.

  47. Lisa V. on said:

    A day in the life of my cats is eating, chilling and watching that one of the big dogs don’t sit on them.

  48. vera on said:

    She’s still young and full of life, found her outside and brought her in, I spend a lot of time outside gardening and with the chickens, she’s always by my side inside or out. We call her Farmer.

  49. katie k on said:

    its a LAZY day!

  50. debbie ritenour on said:

    A day in the life of a kitty is slow, sleepy and relaxing!

  51. Susan Smith on said:

    My goes in out a few times, eats, then finds a place to sleep for the rest of the day

  52. I don’t have a cat

  53. gayle gildehaus on said:

    Eat,sleep,get some human attention,repeat.

  54. Michelle Weaver on said:

    My cat wanders around outside hunting all day.

  55. Natalie Brown on said:

    HI! She sleeps, eats, sometimes gets stuck out on the balcony if I close the door, sleeps some more on the back of my chair, and eats some more. She’s old (14), so she doesn’t do too much anymore. lol Thank-you!!

  56. Rebecca Graham on said:

    My cats days are spoiled and pampered. She sleeps a lot.

  57. Jamie Martin on said:

    Wake up Daddy. Stand in the bathroom whilst Daddy showers. Bat at the shower curtain. Use litter box. Snuggle with Daddy whilst he works. Mess with Mommy’s curly hair. Eat cat food. Play with catnip mouse from Aunt Tina. LASER POINTER TIME! Eat snack from the shakey bag. Sit in the sunshine on the windowsill. Curl up in a cardboard box. Meow. Watch the humans go to bed. Run across the apartment a hundred times – get in the exercise! Sleep at the foot on the bed.

  58. Melissa on said:

    My cat spends a lot of time outdoors, hunting and exploring. He also likes to cat nap a lot, of course. 😉

  59. Rich M on said:

    She is a…well let’s just say i named her TIny…and she’s not tiny…she loves laying around and watching the commotion inside the house.

  60. Erin M on said:

    My cat loves to just sleep the day away.

  61. Alison James on said:

    My dearest kitty Levi all curled up next to me in his kitty bed that sits at the same height as my chair.

  62. nickie on said:

    I don’t have a cat, but when I grew up with cats as a kid. They loved to sleep and explore our house.

  63. Tracy Pryor on said:

    My goes in out a couple of times, eats, then finds a place to sleep for the rest of the day.

  64. Cynthia C on said:

    Wake up, eat breakfast. That wears her out so takes a nap. Chase and bite my feet when I get my second cup of coffee which wears her out so takes another nap. Walks across my keyboard and stands in front of my monitor. Worn out from that, takes another nap in my lap. Lets me know it’s bedtime. That’s my cat’s day, every day.

  65. Barbara Montag on said:

    My cats are 9 & 11 so they’re not the most active.
    When I’m at home they interact a lot with me.
    When I come home they always greet me!
    thank you

  66. Our cat hangs around long enough to get food and snuggles, then heads outside, presumably to paint the town red.

  67. Tiffany Greene Elliott on said:

    My cat loves laying around, sunbathing, and plays! Thanks

  68. My kitty is pretty lazy and just sleeps most of the time

  69. heather s on said:

    Sleeping and sun bathing

  70. Tamar on said:

    My MIL’s kitty is annoying :p

  71. Chelsea B. on said:

    I’ve had our cat, Mr.T, before I married my husband and we started a family. Life for Mr.T is full of toddler love and to much attention from our playful dog. He loves his giant cat tree and spends most of his time looking out the windows and laying in the sun.

  72. Tracy Jones on said:

    My cats spend the day laying around. The minute my kids fall asleep, they are on the go. They will spend hours chasing each other through the house. I can’t help staying up longer just to watch them cause they are so funny.

  73. Margaret Smith on said:

    Besides sleeping a lot, my cat loves to watch out the window and meows at birds, bugs and leaves.

  74. Natalie on said:

    My cat spends half his day sleeping, one fourth of it eating and the other fourth lying on my lap.

  75. Denise S on said:

    My cat watches birds out the window all day.

  76. Shannon on said:

    I actually have three. Kimmie mainly sleeps and will come out to when she has to. Little Bit has spurts of energy in which she will chase imaginary things and climb up door jambs. Durn will bug me every morning until he gets my treats, then he sleeps, sometimes he will lay beside me and he does the running thing too.

  77. mona on said:

    They love to sleep all day and keep me up all night

  78. Kelly D on said:

    My cat spends most of his day sleeping, eating, laying on my lap and playing with the kids when they have him chase a string.

  79. jeremy mclaughlin on said:

    Just laying on the window sill in the sun.

  80. Leah B on said:

    Finding the sunniest part of the house to lounge & lay on.

  81. shelly peterson on said:

    we don’t have a cat anymore but when we did she played with her toys , run around the house and slept a lot.

  82. Janet W. on said:

    A day in the life of my cat usually involves lots of sleeping and laying around. She also loves to watch birds and squirrels out of the window.

  83. Jessie C. on said:

    We don’t have cats in the house but my sister does. It seems like every time we visit, her cat is running around the house, very energetic and cute.

  84. Susan Christy on said:

    I don’t have a cat right now (sad) but the last one I had was my favorite. Bart would steal anything he could pick up and those things were gone forever! He was always asleep when I got home from work and would sleep all evening – tired from all the mischief he had gotten into during the day.

  85. Lisa Brown on said:

    A day in the life of my cats, is they chase each other and wrestle during the day; they like sitting with me by my computer.

  86. Kristen on said:

    I used have a cat that was obsessed with stealing drinking straws!