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14 Chocolate Gluten Free Desserts for Valentine’s Day

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Gluten free desserts can be hard to come by.  As I've mentioned before, this year I'm trying to eat healthier.  I did a 10 day detox where I cut out all sugar, dairy, caffeine and gluten.  I've been pretty good about avoiding those foods still, but I still eat them on occasion.  With Valentine's Day coming up, it's going to be hard to stick to my new eating routine so I dug around and looked for some gluten free dessert recipes.  I focused on chocolate because it is Valentine's Day after all and chocolate is a must.

I avoided recipes that called for specialty flours because I don't really have any on hand and don't feel like having to track any down. I tried to find a variety of different ideas and the collection includes ice cream, easy homemade chocolates, flourless cake, fudge and pudding. Many of the recipes are made with other healthy ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, and even black beans.  Eating a gluten free diet has it's challenges, but hopefully these 14 chocolate gluten free desserts will help sweeten your Valentine's Day.

You can scroll through the collection below, using the arrows, or you can click on the photo to see them all on one page on!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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