I am a huge fan of Scentsy wickless candles. When I found out that Scentsy was launching a brand new line of fondue makers, I was sold before I even saw them.  I love fondue and I actually own three fondue pots despite the lack of fondue recipes on here. I use the posts to host fondue girls nights a few times a year.   But hauling out the pots for my family is another story.  It's a little bit of work that I just don't ever get around to.  What enticed me about the Velata pots is how easy they looked to set up and clean up.  I love the idea of having fondue for dessert on a regular basis.

I did in fact love how easy it is to use the Velata fondue warmer.  I don't own a microwave so I melted the chocolate pouches in water.  I brought the water to a boil, turned it off, and then put the pouches in.  It worked great!  The clean up afterwards was also super easy.  W e didn't have any leftovers so I just put the silicone top right in my dishwasher.  It is awesome!  Unfortunately, we were so busy fighting for chocolate that I didn't get any “in action” shots and now I need to order more chocolate because, um, we ate it all!

It is recommended to only use Velata chocolate in the warmer.  I was concerned that their chocolate would have junky ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the ingredient list to discover that the Velata chocolate contains nothing I'm overly concerned about.  Of course, the more flavors you add, the more ingredients you get so I'd stick with just plain chocolate to keep the ingredients down.

Overall, I'm really, really excited about the new Velata Fondue line! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a cheese fondue is in the works!

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  2. Teresha on said:

    I have wanted a fondue pot for the longest! I can’t wait to enter!