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Start a new holiday tradition with this fun holiday party idea! Gather gift wrapping supplies, easy snacks, and friend and family for Gift Wrapping Holiday Party full of #FestiveFlavors!  I’ve partnered with Frito Lay in this sponsored campaign but all of the party and snacking tips are our own.

Gift Wrap Party

The holidays are full of fun traditions.  I love spending time with friends and family celebrating. One of my favorite holiday traditions is an annual gift wrapping party. I invite friends and family over to spend some time together and getting a little gift wrapping completed in the process.

Christmas Party Ideas

I host the party on the last day of school before winter break starts.  Most of my friends have kids in school so we can enjoy a morning or afternoon together chatting and, of course, eating some goodies.  It's nice to spend some time together before break begins.

How to Wrap Holiday gifts 2

I keep the party very informal. I have a huge stash of wrapping paper that I share, but you could ask each person bring a roll, too.  I also provide ribbon, bows, gift tags and lots of other pretty items to decorate packages. Each guest brings their own scissors and tape and, of course, gifts.

Snacks for Christmas Party

Of course, every holiday gathering needs food! The food doesn't need to be anything complicated.  I picked up a few bags of limited edition holiday treats from CHEETOS, ROLD GOLD and CRACKER JACK at Walgreens.  A quick trip in and out of Walgreens is a lot easier than braving the craziness of the grocery store.

Frito Lay Holiday Snacks

I picked up bags of Holiday CHEETOS Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs, ROLD GOLD Classic Dipped Pretzels, and CRACKER JACK Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn.  These snacks are so fun and super easy to put out in festive holiday serving jars for snacking.  Check out more about my shopping trip at Walgreens on Instagram.

Holiday Wrapping

And that's it! The party is ready to go. A few hours later gifts will be wrapped, tummies will be full and another festive holiday gathering is a success!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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