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Fun Dinnerware to Help Picky Eaters Eat

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Need some ideas for picky eaters? Forget the food and focus the dinnerware instead.  Check out these fun kids products to get your picky eater to love eating.

Have picky eaters? Check out the coolest, most fun dinnerware to get your kids to the table and eating!

I am the mom of picky eaters.  Well, at least one! I’ve mentioned before that my daughter is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met. The list of foods she will eat is easier to list than the ones she won’t eat  – and even that seems to change daily.  I’ve shared some tricks for getting picky eaters, but sometimes it’s hard to even get them to the table. So I went searching for the coolest, most fun dinnerware I could find to get those picky eaters to the table and begging to eat (I hope!).


game dinner plate

Dinner Winner Kids Tray – Sometimes it takes baby steps to get somewhere and this tray helps with that. Alternate between foods your kid loves (like bread) and those they don’t really want to eat (like veggies). Before they know it, they win and their food is finished.


Face plate

Food Face Kids Dinner Plate – Let your kids play with their food and create a funny face on this plate.


Girl face plates

Girl Face Plates – This one is fun to actually make the face on the hair!

Construction eating

Construction Set – My son is not our picky eater, but if he was, this would have worked great for him! I love this so much! This is a placemat, plate and utensils all in one, but they are also available separately.


Fairy place setting

Fairy Garden Place Setting – If fairies are more popular in your home, then check out this cute set!

Place mats

Fun Place Mats – My kids love fun place mats! We’ve had everything from letters to the solar system for place mats. We all learn something and changing up the theme kept the kids coming back to the table.

Super spoon

Souper Spoon – My kids aren’t big fans of soup but I wonder if they’d be more willing to try it with this fun spoon!



Fun Chopsticks – My kids will eat anything with chopsticks! And these are so cute and fun.  There’s also a mustache and lips.



Snack and Stack Interlocking Utensils  – I would be remiss if I left these guys out! They are sure to help any little builder have a little more fun at the dinner table.


Lego cup

Build on Brick Mug – Pair this fun mug with a few “dinner only” bricks and the utensils above for a special treat for dinner.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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