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Enjoy the Ride with Family Road Trip Games

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Summer is here and for many families, including ours, that means it’s time for a road trip. I love a road trip and could spend hours just meandering down back roads finding what’s over the next hill or around the next bend.  But my kids would rather just get out and explore. They aren’t quite to the age where they enjoy the journey as much as the destination.  I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to make family road trips a little easier on everyone including a few fun family road trip games!

Osh Kosh Summer Clothes

It’s really important that everyone is comfortable when spending a lot of time in the car.  We keep things very casual with tanks, tee shirts, shorts and skorts.  This summer the kids wardrobe is all from Osh Kosh B’gosh – their favorite store for clothes.  We’ve been shopping at Osh Kosh since the kids were babies.   While the kids are fans of the styles they find at Osh Kosh, I love their durability.  Our clothes from Osh Kosh never wear out.  I have an awesome coupon just for you, too! Just keep reading….

Osh Kosh B'gosh girls clothes

Once everyone is comfortable, it’s time to find something to keep them entertained while the miles fly by.  One of our favorite past times in the car is to create funny stories about our trip Mad Libs style.   Before we leave on our trip, I have the kids either write or dictate a short story about our road trip or vacation.  Then, I take out words.  As we drive along, I ask the kids for types of words and we fill them in.  Not only is this super fun, but the kids are also learning a little English as we go.  I wont’ tell if you won’t!

Summer Road trip games

Here’s an example of a road trip story I wrote about a family road trip to Michigan.

We’re off! Today my family and I left for our cross-country road trip. We’re driving our camper from Nevada to Michigan to spend the summer with my Aunt Karin – she’s the best! On our way there we’re going to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona before going north to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Mom says we’re going to drive through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and across the Mackinac Bridge on our way there. I’m excited to see all of these places, but I’m really excited about swimming in Lake Michigan! And all of the restaurants we’ll get to try – I can’t wait to eat as many hamburgers as I can.  This is going to be a great summer!

Then, take out words and leave blanks. Make a list for yourself of what type of word you will need to fill in the blank.

We’re off! Today my ___1____ and I left for our ____2_____ road trip. We’re driving our ____3_____ from ____4_____ to ____5_____ to spend the summer with my ____6_____ – she’s the best! On our way there we’re going to visit the ____7_____ in Arizona before going north to ____8_____ in South Dakota. Mom says we’re going to ____9_____ through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and across the Mackinac Bridge on our way there. I’m ___10______ to see all of these places, but I’m really excited about ____11_____ in Lake Michigan! And all of the ____12_____ we’ll get to try – I can’t wait to eat as many ____13_____ as I can. This is going to be a ____14_____ summer!

1. People

2. Adjective

3. Noun

4. Place

5. Place

6. Person

7. Proper Noun

8. Proper Noun

9. Verb

10. Adjective

11. Verb

12. Noun

13. Food

14. Adjective


While you are driving, ask the kids for the words and then read them their silly story!  You can keep doing this for as many stories as you’d like or until you reach your final destination.  Everyone has fun! Family road trip games make the car ride a little more enjoyable.

car games

Another fun game the whole family can participate in is my Transportation Bingo! Head over for the free printable.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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