Let your family Christmas tree tell the story of your family through ornament and decorations collected throughout the years. Add them to a gorgeous tree from our sponsor, Tree Classics, to create an unforgettable Christmas tradition.


I spend an insane amount of time on Pinterest. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year to be on the site looking at all the Christmas decorations. Because my house and our Christmas tree looks nothing like anything on Pinterest.  Every year I get a little bit frustrated because we don't have the picture perfect Christmas tree.  Instead, we have a Christmas tree that tells the story of our family.

How to Create a Family Christmas Tree

Years ago, before marriage and kids, I started collecting Christmas ornaments anywhere I traveled. I had a small collection when I got married.


The first few years of marriage we had very few ornaments and even less money so we made our own ornaments.  These ornaments, like that NY Islanders bear, are still some of my favorites on our tree!  As we have traveled as a family or had major life milestones, we've add more and more ornaments to the tree.


We have an ornament from when we got married.  We honeymooned at Walt Disney World!


Each kid has an ornament with the year they were born on it plus when they became a sibling.


We have an ornament for the year we bought our first home.


We have ornaments for each of our pets. This is another handmade ornament of our first cat who has since passed away.


We have an ornament from almost every place we've ever visited on vacation as a couple and a family.  This is our newest ornament from a recent trip to SeaWorld.



I love our Christmas tree and the story it tells. But I also love our new Christmas tree from Tree Classics.  I have wanted a more real looking tree for years and I'm in love with Tree Classics 7 foot Deluxe Noble Fir Snap Tree.  The tree arrives in 3 parts (stand, bottom, top) and although it is very heavy, it's easy to set up.



The tree is pre-lit with the Quick Set™ lighting system  incorporates all light strings within the tree trunk. We chose to get the LED Color Changing lights, which means no more choosing if you want clear or color bulbs. A quick flip of the switch and ….


BAM! Color. Bright, gorgeous LED color lights. The lights can also be set to switch between the two light colors. This happens to be my son's favorite setting.

And finally, our family Christmas tree.




I let the kids put on the ornaments, with a few tweaks by the parents to get some of the ornaments on the top of the tree.  We take a family photo with Santa each year. I set up them all up behind the tree on the buffet.  I also made sure to position the tree to reflect in the mirror for a little added twinkle light magic. I sewed the tree skirt from a craft kit about 15 years ago and it just kind of stuck because Charlie Brown's Christmas is our favorite Christmas movie.  My husband and I bought the angel tree topper the first Christmas we were married. My hubby is a trumpet player so the angel tells another part of our family story.

Christmas trees don't have to be glamorous or themed to be beautiful. Pick out a gorgeous tree from Tree Classics and then start telling your family's story one ornament at a time.

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