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Family Calendar and Weekly To Do List

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A family calendar and weekly to-do list will help you get organized. Make each one into a DIY dry erase board for easy use. 

Graphic of DIY Erase calendar and to do list

One of the biggest challenges for busy families is keeping organized. There is nothing worse than forgetting things at home, missing appointments, or just living in chaos. A family calendar is a great way to let everyone know what’s going on.

Learning to plan and use a calendar is a fantastic skill to teach kids. Imagine if you had been using a planner and calendar since you were in elementary school. It would become second nature to plan your days as an adult. 

Pair your family calendar with  7 Meal Planning Ideas for Busy Weeknights and you will feel better having your entire week and month planned out. 

To do list

Digital family calendars are amazing, but that means that everyone in your family, including kids, needs a phone. That is not always feasible due to not only the age but also the cost of many phones. So go analog with your family calendar! Even if you have phones, sometimes you just need a good old fashioned wall calendar.

How to Use a Family Calendar and To Do List

You can definitely print out a calendar for each month and a to-do list for each week.  Just make sure fill them out in pencil so you can move things around as needed. 

Gold photo frame

But another way to use the calendar is to make it into your own dry erase board.  We made one of these for our kids using scrapbook paper. Pick up an 8 x 10 picture frame that you love. It can be a nice one or just a cheap one from the dollar store. 

To make a dry-erase family calendar just print out one copy of the calendar and the to-do list. Trim the family calendar and weekly to-do list with scissors so they fit in the frames. Now, you can use a dry erase marker to fill out the calendar each month and the to-do list each week. 

Jewelry holder and 2 dry erase boards on a wall


You can even make a personalized dry erase board for your kids (or yourself). The dry erase marker works great. 

Our Family Calendar printable calendar

This article may contain affiliate links.

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