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Fall Family Fun with Teens featuring Invisalign® Treatment

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One of the things I have noticed about parenting tweens and teens is that they have to be prodded a bit to still participate in family activities. They would rather sit at home than go out with their parents and siblings. But once they are actually participating in the family activity, they still have a lot of fun.

Every fall our family prints out a copy of our 30 Days of Fall Activities for Kids and Families. We choose a few activities to enjoy once the heat of the summer starts to fade. This year we kicked off fall by making caramel apples.

Making caramel apples has been one of our family traditions for the last 10 years. We totally cheat and use the sheets of caramel that you just wrap around the apples. We will make them for an afternoon snack or dessert once the evenings turn a little cooler. 

Our 13 year old daughter Ella decided that she no longer wanted to participate in making (or eating) caramel apples. She tried so hard to use her Invisalign clear aligners as an excuse, too. Unfortunately for her, that excuse does not work. With Invisalign treatment, she can eat whatever she wants – even apples and caramel. 

As you can see, Ella was miserable making caramel apples with us. She was able to simply remove her Invisalign aligners to enjoy a caramel apple with her family. 

We are so thankful that by choosing Invisalign aligners for Ella’s treatment, she is able to still participate in our family activities and enjoy teen life. Over 20 years of innovation and 7 million smiles have enabled Invisalign treatment to correct simple to complex orthodontic cases, making it the most advanced clear aligner system available.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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