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Ok, so this isn't really a recipe, but it is a fun way to eat toast and eggs!  We had this other day for breakfast for the first time in a really long time and the kids were just thrilled with it.  And since we usually have more time in the summer, I'm all about fun breakfasts.


Basically, you cut a hole in a slice of bread (preferably homemade bread) using a cookie cutter or a drinking glass.  Butter your griddle (or pan) and put the bread and the cut out down.  Then just break the egg in to the hole in the bread.  I flip it once to toast both sides of the bread.  That's it!   Sometimes I'll use a heart shaped cookie cutter or some other fun shape, but I usually just stick to a circle.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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4 comments on “Eggs in a Basket

  1. haha – these are hilarious! i love it! and good on you promoting homemade bread – so much better and better for you than the store bought stuff…mmmmm home made bread.

    • I love making bread! I’m trying to cut back on carbs, but I just can’t because I love yeast too much. I’ve not had a store bought bread that comes even close to homemade.

  2. I think alot of people have different names for this. When I was growing up it was called “toad in a hole.”