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Easy Christmas Cards

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Every single year since I graduated from college I’ve looked forward to sending out a photo Christmas card.  It was the highlight of my holiday season!  But over the years, sending Christmas cards has become a chore.  In fact, last year I didn’t send out any cards.   As the holidays got closer this year I decided to forgo the Christmas cards again.  It is just too much hassle to order them, address them, get the stamps….

Then I stumbled upon  I was tempted in when I saw that they will address and mail your cards … FOR FREE. That’s right — FREE STAMPS!  That alone is worth close to $.50 these days (honestly, I have no idea how much a First Class stamp costs right now, but I know it’s close to $.50).  I usually try to pay no more than $.25/card so I figured with the stamp and the card, I’d need to find a card for around $.75 to come out even.

This is the card I chose — I loved that I could send a recipe! And it turns out that has been offering really great discounts. I got my cards 50% off and on Black Friday they were 70% off! Right now there is a  60% Off Code CSSAVE605 plus get Free Shipping, Free Addressing and Free Stamps. Visit Here !  They offer tiered pricing so the more you buy, the lower the price.   So f you order  20-49 of these cards, with the 60% off and free stamp, you only pay $.60/each!   You do have to enter all the addresses, but that didn’t take me long at all. And once the addresses are in there, they stay there for next year.

To be completely transparent here, I am a affiliate.  However, I just joined this week because I really love their products and their unique service. In fact, my sister liked our card so much that she ordered her Christmas cards from, too!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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