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Easy Burlap Placemats

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Make an easy burlap placemat for a great last minute addition to any Thanksgiving table.  Thank you to JoAnn for sponsoring this post.


It’s my turn to host Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I realized this week when I was washing our Christmas placemats that I don’t have anything to set our Thanksgiving table with aside from one small table runner that will be buried under food.   I want something a bit rustic and super easy to make.


I had seen some super cute burlap at JoAnn last time I was there.  Unfortunately, it was all gone when I went back to get it.  Burlap is super popular right now and I love all the different colors and prints it comes in.  I opted to go with a dark brown burlap so it’d contrast with the white tablecloth.


These burlap placemats are so easy to make.  All you do is cut the burlap to the size you want. I just used a placemat I had on hand and cut around it.  Then I frayed the edges of the rectangle I had cut.  You can see by the arrows how you just pull each strand down the length of each side.  Then trim up the fray so it’s all the same edge.  A rotary board would be perfect for this, but my sister has mine so I had to wing it with scissors.


I also cut small strips of burlap to use as napkin rings.   I used 1/8″ ribbon and a tapestry needle to thread the ribbon through the burlap.


You can use one color ribbon or more.  I just eyeballed it and made sure to leave enough ribbon to tie the napkin rings up.


You can use the rings with the bows up or turn them over for a pretty laced effect.


I love the entire look!   You could also thread the ribbon around the edges of the placemat to add some color.



Want some more ideas for your #TurkeyTabelscapes? Check out the JoAnn craft catalog and then print out the awesome coupon above to save on your crafting supplies.  Then check out the JoAnn Celebrate the Season website, too!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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