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Easy After School Snacks with El Monterey Tacquitos

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Most days I feel like I live in my kitchen.  I get the kids breakfast before school while packing their lunches to eat at school.  When they get home in the afternoon they are starving and want a snack.  Then a few hours later I’m making dinner.  Within 15 minutes of dinner being cleaned up someone is complaining they are hungry. Sound familiar?

after school snack idea

After school snacks throw me for a little bit of a loop.   I just don’t feel like cooking, but the kids need something to tide them over until dinner.  I’ve also found that they’ve eaten most of the “snack” items already in their lunch so I have no idea what to feed them. This week I picked up a box of El Monterey Extra Crunchy Taquitos to serve as an after school snack. My kids love chips and salsa so I was hoping the kids would also love taquitos.

easy after school snack

We used our toaster oven to make the taquitos and in less than 15 minutes – just enough time for the kids to change out of their uniforms in to play clothes – the taquitos were ready to go.  I picked the extra crunchy version because it just sounded delicious and they were.  I realized after the first batch that they are actually easy enough for the kids to make on their own. Bonus!

After School Snacks

I love how easy El Monterey Taquitos are making snack time.  The kids can make a snack that will keep them full through after school activities.  Even if I have to make them myself, they are so easy that I really don’t mind the after school snack anymore.

El Monterey Extra Crunchy Taquitos

We keep the box of taquitos on the door in the freezer so they are easy to find and the kids can help themselves.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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