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Hooray – it's March!  Our tempartures are finally creeping up in to the 70's and I can feel spring in the air.  Easter is just around the corner, too, and it's early this year.  I'm trying to get my act together and get some decorating and crafting done while pastels are still around.

One of my favorite things about spring are tulips – they are my all time favorite flower. My husband knows to bypass the roses and go for the tulips when they are available. I love them in any and all colors, but purple are my favorite.  I particularly enjoy the potted bulbs I find in the grocery store.  The plants are great just as a centerpiece or on a mantle on their own, but they are also fun to use to fancy up with a little craft project.


This is such a great project for kids! Just use an empty coffee can and set them to work decorating it however they want. Bunnies are a great idea this time of year, but anything will work.  Once the kids are done decorating just put in a potted tulip plant from the grocery store, garden store, or flower shop. 


I am slightly crazy about using candy in unconventional ways and those little Easter marshmallow candies are just too cute to pass up every year. I have several ideas planned for them this year! They are awful to eat but boy are they adorable to decorate with.  Here is a cute idea – add them with a layer of jelly beans to a glass vase and put some tulips in it.  What a cute and festive spring centerpiece this would make for your Easter dinner! 

Want some more ideas for using tulips this spring? Check out this aweseome Tulip Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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