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DIY Handprint Christmas Tree T-Shirt

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Make a handprint Christmas tree t-shirt using your kids’ hands and feet. 

Is there anything cuter than handprint crafts? They are the absolute perfect homemade Christmas gifts to make for grandparents.  This homemade shirt is easy to make and is a no-sew project that anyone can handle. 

DIY Handprint Christmas Tree T-Shirt


To make the handprint Christmas tree shirt, you will follow the same idea as the reindeer handprint shirt. You can check that out for more tips on making these shirts.

Handprint Christmas Shirt Supplies:

Handprint Christmas Shirt Directions:

Start by tracing your kids’ hands and a foot on a sheet of paper. You may find that your kids hands and feet are too big for their size shirt. If this happens, scan or copy the handprints at 75%. You can do this on your own print/copy/scan/fax machine or at an office store or a library. If you are making the shirt for an adult, the size will most likely be fine. 

Cut out the hands and feet. You will need 1 of each print.

Use the hand and foot templates to trace the handprints and 1 footprint onto the back of the heat and bond sheets. You can make as many hands as necessary to fill out your tree. We used 9 hands and 1 foot plus 1 star for a child-size shirt. These were reduced 75% to fit. 


Follow the package directions to iron the Heat and Bond onto the appropriate colored fabric. The hands go on the green fabric, the foot on brown fabric, and the star on yellow fabric. 

Next, cut out the hands, feet, and star. Leave the Heat and Bond on the fabric as you cut. 

Cut out all the handprints, too.

Once all the pieces are cut out, arrange them on your tee shirt for placement. Put the foot down first, and then layer the hands on top starting from the bottom up. 

Now, begin ironing the pieces on to the shirt. Start with the footprint first. Iron that down on to the shirt.

Next, use 4 hands to make the bottom layer of the Christmas tree. Keep layer the hands all the way up to the top. The star, of course, goes on the very top of the tree.

And that’s it! Your shirt is ready to go. You can use paint to add decorations or lights, if you like, too. 


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